loadingDatatech has its roots in the Ag industry. The company was originally started by Isaac Davidian in 1980 as a division of Borelli Produce Distributors, a Fresno based grower/shipper. In 1986, Isaac bought Datatech to make it a fully independent company. Since its beginning, Datatech’s primary mission has been to develop the high quality, specialized software required by the Ag industry, delivering practical software solutions to the problems and challenges facing growers, produce shippers, brokers, packers and labor contractors.

For over thirty years, Datatech has been through the ups and downs of both the computer industry and the Ag industry, adapting to new technologies and bringing new products to the market to better serve the changing needs of our customers.

As with many of the customers we serve, Datatech is an incorporated family owned and operated business. Isaac Davidian, owner and founder, his wife Linda, brother Barak, brother-in-law Paul, sons Matthew and James, daughters Damaris, Beth, and Hannah, daughter-in-law Cherie, son-in-law Jason, grand-daughter Nerisa and niece Piper all work together with our other employees to make Datatech a success.

When you call Datatech, you know you’ll be talking to people who have decades of experience working with computers and our Ag payroll, accounting, inventory and sales software. We’ve worked with Ag professionals like yourself to get the most out of your computer systems. The training and support provided by our software support staff ensures that you get the most out of your investment. Our programmers add new features based on suggestions from our customers, ensuring that your investment grows and continues to meet your changing requirements.

PoweredByDataFlexAll of Datatech’s software is designed using DataFlex, an advanced system specifically tailored for developing database-oriented applications.  If you are interested in buzzwords, DataFlex is an excellent Rapid Application Development tool for creating database oriented applications for computers running Windows and for applications running in web browsers.  The object oriented 4GL system is optimized for developing database applications, especially on the data entry side where users spend a significant amount of time.  And the programming language itself features a high degree of stability, a feature lacking in other popular development environments.

With DataFlex we’re able to design the basis for flexible accounting systems that can handle a wide variety of businesses–from single user to multi-user, from general accounting to specialized cost accounting, from generic invoicing to specialized sales and inventory tracking. Using DataFlex we are able to develop common sets of programs that form the basis of each of our packages, customizing individual applications needed for each industry. We can also customize our software for your company, adding new features, entry screens, or reports.

The majority of our fine clients are in California and Arizona, but we’re in a total of 21 states across America including Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

We have several hundred customers using our software and appreciate, support and thank each and everyone of them!

Datatech is well known for writing the industry standard grower payment software for the raisin industry. 13 of the 18 independent raisin packers use Datatech software for their inventory and accounting systems.

Datatech’s current Windows based software is the third generation. Which means you’re getting the most up-to-date and comprehensive accounting software that’s meeting the current requirements of our clients. As regulations change, Datatech programmers are always working to upgrade our products to the most current and unique requirements our clients need and have come to expect from us. Let us show you what we mean, contact us here.

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