As product is packed, packouts can be entered to relieve the bulk/bin inventory, create product inventory, pallet tags and/or PTI case labels.

The Packout Reports window “connects” the bins that are packed with the results of the packing operation.  Once pallet tags have been generated or the packing totals have been manually entered on the Inventory Receives window to get the balances into the sales inventory, you can print a packout report that will include the total bins and weight packed, if you entered the weight on the bins receipts.

The Packout Report system can be used in different ways, depending on your needs.  For instance, if you don’t use the bulk inventory system, you can still use the packout reports option without entering the bins used.  Instead of selecting which bins were packed, you can manually enter the number of bins packed and the weights (or estimated weights) and have this print on the packout report.

If needed, packing charges for growers can be generated from the Packout Reports window.  Grower charges generated from the packout reports window can be based on the total units or pounds for both the bulk product used and the finished goods.

A packout report can be generated for each individual packing operation or for a date range.  Each individual packing operation will correspond to one inventory receive entry.  The same Receive # is used for both the entry on the Inventory Receives window and the entry on the Packout Reports window.

A separate receive/packout is always generated for each date/lot # combination.  If you are using the lot # as your field #, this means that multiple packing operations for product from the one field on the same day will be combined into a single packout entry.  If you need to get separate packout reports for each packing operation for product from the same field, we can do this as well.

If you are packing some product in the field and putting some product into bulk containers to be packed in your warehouse, the system allows you to enter the field packed product into the Inventory Receives window and and you select “Delivered” for the Delivery Method setting.  When product is packed in the warehouse for the same field on the same date, the program will create a separate receive/packout entry.  This entry will have the delivery method set to “Packout”.  Based on the Delivery Method setting, you can distinguish between field packed and warehouse packed product.