The shipper’s payroll system is designed from the ground up to handle the demanding requirements of a high volume agricultural payroll.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Handles both Ag (943) and Regular (941) employees.
  • The system automatically prevents two employees from using the same social security number.
  • Records I-9 numbers, tracks expiration dates and keeps track of employees that need to give you their I-9 form. Reports can be printed to show which employees number will be expiring.
  • Assign employees to crews to print Crew Sheets and speed up payroll data entry.
  • Each line on paychecks can be charged to different crops and/or jobs, and different piecework and hourly rates can be combined on the same check. There is no limit on the number of lines you can enter on a check.
  • The Daily Payroll window provides a fast way to enter payroll data directly from your crew sheets or time sheets. Settings for entry defaults speed up data entry by automatically entering items for you.
  • Standard pay rates can be set up based on the job and crop entered. These rates will automatically appear on check entry screens.
  • Use the Crew Sheet Wizard to quickly enter hours and pieces for an entire crew quickly.
  • Piecework wages on payroll checks are automatically checked for minimum wage compliance.
  • Straight piecework wages as well as hourly base + piecework incentive wages handled.
  • Guaranteed minimum hourly rates (above the legal minimum wage) may also be set up for piecework wages by employee or by job.
  • Employees can easily be found by name key, account number or social security number.
  • The program calculates all applicable federal and state taxes, and observes FICA, Medicare, SUI, and FUI wage limits.  Handles California SDI, Oregon WBF, and Washington’s L&I deductions.
  • Up to ten additional deductions can be set up for each employee account to handle advances, child support, tools, housing, garnishments, health insurance, 401(k), Section 125 cafeteria plans, etc.
  • You can print checks for advances/loans and the program will automatically keep track of balance due and deduct amounts made until loan is paid back.
  • Garnishments for child support or income tax can be tracked automatically for each employee.  The Payroll system will generate a payable item in Accounts Payable for you to issue checks to government agencies that wages are garnished for.
  • Payroll check stub is designed for agriculture.  Meets and exceeds the federal and state requirements for payroll information.  Employees not only see basis for gross wages, but also descriptions of where they worked on each day, what jobs were performed, and unit types (boxes, vines, trays, etc) for piecework wages.
  • The layout and formatting of the payroll check stub can be customized.
  • Check Vouchers may be printed on plain paper when there isn’t enough room on the check stub to print all of the detail.
  • When checks jam in your printer, it is easy to print new copies of any checks that did not print out okay. No complicated voiding and re-entering of data is necessary.
  • One-step void process for checks that do need to be voided (for instance, issued to wrong employee account).
  • Headings on the check stub can be printed in either English or Spanish and you can select language by employee.
  • Prints checks on any laser check stock.
  • Checks can be printed for an individual crew, or you may print all employees with checks grouped by crew, printed in alphabetic order for each crew.
  • Check sign-off sheets can be printed for employees to sign when they get their checks.
  • All labor is charged to the cost centers you enter on payroll checks.  Management or supervisor labor can be charged to overhead cost centers and automatically distributed to individual fields.
  • Overhead payroll expenses–worker’s comp or L&I and employer FICA/FUTA/Medicare/SUTA taxes–get expensed out to the penny for each cost center recorded on payroll checks.
  • Worker’s compensation rates can be entered for each crop you have (to manage different rates for row crops, vines, or trees) and for different jobs on the same crop (when some crops may have lower rates for certain jobs).
  • Worker’s compensation payable can be accrued to your general ledger when checks are finalized or you can just print the worker’s comp reports monthly.
  • For Washington State, the program keeps track of both employee and employer L&I rates and generates the quarterly L&I report.
  • Prints California and Federal quarterly and annual forms, including DE-6, Form 941, DE-7, Form 943, Form 940-EZ, DE-7 and W-2’s.
  • Prints quarterly tax forms for Colorado, Delaware, Michigan, Oregon and Texas.  A generic state quarterly report is available for other states for use in filling out quarterly tax forms.  (Forms for other states may also be added as needed.)
  • Generates quarterly magnetic media diskette for California, Oregon, New Mexico and Florida as well as the annual electronic file for the Social Security Administration.  (Support for magnetic media reporting in other states can be added if you require it.)
  • Payroll Tax Deposit screen makes writing tax deposit checks (or recording electronic transfers) easy—your current tax liabilities are always available.
  • Prints Washington state’s Quarterly Industrial Insurance Report for Division of Labor and Industry (L&I) and generates file for quarterly UI reporting (for use with Washington’s UIFastTax reporting software).
  • Prints the Oregon Form 132 Employee Detail report and generates a file that can be imported into Otter for electronic reporting.
  • Complete check information is retained on your computer indefinitely, allowing you to print earnings records for unemployment, welfare, and other government agencies.
  • Prints a generic New Hire Report or the California DE-34 form.  Files can be generated for electronic reporting for Arizona, California, Oregon, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Washington.
  • Labor Analysis Report gives you flexibility to print reports including exactly the information you want, sorted and subtotaled in any order.  Report data can be exported to Excel for additional analysis.
  • Optional export option for sending a file to banks that use the Positive Pay system to verify checks.
  • Optional interface to time clocks and other payroll data collection systems (such as ADS, Phytotrak and AgriScan) allows you to track pieces and hours worked in the field and then automatically transfer this information to the payroll system.
  • If you currently use QuickBooks and want to continue using it for your accounting, the Payroll system can generate an IIF file to import journal transactions into QuickBooks, including your payroll checks, tax liabilities, labor, tax and worker’s comp expenses.
  • The Payroll system can generate a file with all of your check information if your bank uses Positive Pay or a similar system to validate checks that are cleared on your payroll account.
Employee Lists/Reports
Abbreviated/Detailed Employee List
Mailing Labels
Time Card Labels
Miscellaneous Deduction List
Wage Detail Report
Registered Alien List
Crew Sheets
SSN Verification Report
New Hire Report
Union/Insurance Hour Report
Monthly Hour Report
Quarterly Reports
Quarterly Wage Detail Report
Taxable Wages by Quarter
Quarterly State Report (DE-6)
Employee Tax Schedule
Quarterly Federal Report (Form 941)
Payroll Reports
Batch Payroll Report
Row Count Worksheet
Daily Payroll Reports (5)
Payroll Journal
Check Signoff Sheet
Employee Check Vouchers
Employee Check Detail
Employee Earnings Records
Miscellaneous Deduction Report
Worker’s Comp Report
Tax Liability Report
Wage & Tax Summary Report
Piecework Analysis Report
401(k) Report
Garnishment Report
 Year End Reports
Yearly Wage Detail Report
California DE-7 Report
Federal 943 Report
FUTA Form 940EZ
W-2 Printing