Labor Commissioner updates paid sick leave questions

FRESNO, California – With many questions surrounding the Paid Sick Leave law in California, Datatech would like to update you on the California Labor Commissioner’s updated ‘frequently asked questions’ about this new law. California’s new Paid Sick Leave law, AB 1522, came … Continued

Farm labor service creates ‘day of rest’ waiver form

FRESNO, California – Datatech continues to follow any developments in farm labor and payroll concerns. Now that the California Supreme Court has ruled on the ‘day of rest’ provision in the Labor Code as it pertains to agriculture, the Farm … Continued

No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ In Ag Accounting Software

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FRESNO, California – In today’s agribusiness the options for technology abound including the accounting and payroll arenas. Still doing things by hand? Perhaps you’re using generic software as opposed to a program designed for ag cost accounting. With no “one-size-fits-all’ solution … Continued

Datatech is hiring, see our new ‘careers’ page

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  FRESNO, California – Jobs, where are they? Is it getting better or worse? The answers to those questions depend on where you live according to a recent study. Here at Datatech in Fresno, we can tell you this: We’re … Continued

Scammers working overtime to catch you unaware

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FRESNO, Calif. – Several scams out there to warn you about. An alert from the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a phone scam across the country where the caller on the line starts the call with “Can you hear … Continued

Updated: New I-9 form released by Immigration Services

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Fresno, Calif.- Updated 11.15/16  As previously reported here at Datatech, the United States Customs and Immigration Services or USCIS has released the new Form I-9 on their website. The update is designed to make it easier for employee eligibility verification … Continued

New Document Management Software from Datatech

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Fresno, Calif. – With digital security such a hot topic today, Datatech knows our clients want convenience and security all-in-one. With the new document management system inside our Human Resources software, Datatech clients will get what they want. Datatech’s new … Continued

Datatech Support Department works hard to assist clients as Ag accounting requirements evolve

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Fresno, Calif. – The only thing constant is change. That goes for many industries including agriculture accounting practices. Laws change, wage calculations change, insurance requirements have forced reporting changes, the list goes on and on. But there’s one thing constant, … Continued

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