No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ In Ag Accounting Software

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FRESNO, California – In today’s agribusiness the options for technology abound including the accounting and payroll arenas. Still doing things by hand? Perhaps you’re using generic software as opposed to a program designed for ag cost accounting. With no “one-size-fits-all’ solution … Continued

New Ag Safety Certificate Program Slated

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FRESNO, Calif. – Safety is job one for industry, in general, and that goes for agricultural settings as well. Datatech wanted to share a new ag safety certificate program that is ramping up for owners, safety and human resource managers, loss … Continued

New Datatech software ‘Tool Tip’ for Human Resources Management

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FRESNO, Calif. – Datatech programming continues to improve our Human Resources Management software. It’s now easier to see the deduction calculations that the ag payroll software is making upon adding or editing a health benefit record for an employee. The new … Continued

Extremely wet water year in California exposes issues

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Datatech – Fresno, California – We’ve been watching what the experts are saying about California’s wet winter and the federal water allocations for contracted users. On the surface, you’d think agriculture users should get 100 percent of their federal water … Continued

Census of Agriculture seeks to shape the future

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Shaping the future may seem like a fools errand to many, but America’s farmers and ranchers will soon have the opportunity to strongly represent agriculture in their communities and industry by taking part in the 2017 Census of … Continued

Winter storms force food safety alert

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Fresno, CA – Winter isn’t over as a late season Nor’easter impacts eastern states and rainy weather is expected back in the west by next Monday/Tuesday. At Datatech, we take weather seriously and this forecast has prompted the United States Department … Continued

USDA providing disaster assistance programs

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Fresno, California – You may not know this but the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides grant programs for farms and land owners and individuals suffering from disasters in their locale. U.S. Department of Agriculture has sent out a reminder … Continued

Overtime rule decision pushed to May 1

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Fresno, California – Federal overtime rule saga continues in court and this week a judge granted the Department of Labor an extension to May 1 for a decision. The agency will be required to provide a position and briefs on the … Continued

Datatech expands Support/Training pages

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Fresno, California – In an effort to help clients grow in their learning and make the most of their software purchase, Datatech continues to expand and re-organize the Support/Training videos pages of it’s website. Supporting clients with our friendly Support and … Continued

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