Court clarifies labor questions with ‘day of rest’

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FRESNO, California – It was the clarity that farm labor concerns have been seeking from lawmakers for months after the passage of Assembly Bill 1066. That legislation removed the exemption agriculture operations enjoyed that allowed for laborers to work seven … Continued

Legislative Action Day for farm labor contractors Wednesday

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FRESNO, Calif. – Each year the farm labor contractor industry is given the opportunity to engage legislators and their staff on the important industry issues. Farm labor contractors make up a significant number of Datatech clients who use our Farm … Continued

National Ag Day across America

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Fresno, California – At Datatech, we appreciate the vital role agriculture plays in our region and the country. National Ag Day is a day to thank and to recognize the value that agriculture plays in the United States. Agriculture’s vital … Continued

Study shows Healthcare costs as top concern for Americans

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Fresno, CA – While immigration, terrorism and crime are concerns for Americans, healthcare costs far outweigh those concerns in a recent study. Monmouth University in New Jersey polled just over 800 Americans in mid-January and found that 25 percent of … Continued

Scammers working overtime to catch you unaware

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FRESNO, Calif. – Several scams out there to warn you about. An alert from the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a phone scam across the country where the caller on the line starts the call with “Can you hear … Continued

EDD in California behind the AB 1513 curve

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Fresno, California – The California Employment Development Department(EDD) came to the AB 1513 show late and just recently has stated their directions on reporting AB 1513 back-wages. Here at Datatech, we stay on top of labor legislation and reporting requirements … Continued

Cock-a-doodle-do its a new year and new laws for you

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Fresno, CA – Okay, some say 2017 is the year of the Rooster. Hence the catchy title, but doesn’t matter where you live in America, January 1 means new laws will take effect in your neck of the woods. Legislators … Continued

California overtime bill clears Assembly, but will the Governor say ‘Aye’?

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Sacramento, Calif. – Supporters of Assembly Bill 1066 may have hurt the very workers they sought to help with their ‘end around’ effort to get the measure passed. Supporters said it’s about equity; Ag interests have said that based on … Continued

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