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For over 37 years, Datatech continues to be your source for ag software. We’re dedicated to saving our clients time and taking the pain out of the challenges presented with ag payroll, cost accounting and produce inventory accounting. Growers, labor contractors and packing and shipping operations across America use Datatech in their agribusinesses. Our software is written by our programmers with decades of ag accounting experience. Datatech’s software solutions are the most current with the latest technology employed, regular program updates as industry legislation changes or to meet the requirements our clients suggest.  Agribusiness is not standing still and either is Datatech. 

We hear this all the time, “Datatech makes my life easier!”

All of our clients have begun their journey to greater organization, profitability and time savings with a free demonstration of our software. Take some time here, visit our product pages that suit you, download our ‘solutions guides’, watch our client videos with people just like you. See why the number of Datatech clients is growing consistently every month.

It’s all about your data and Datatech will help you make the right call.

A few of our many valued clients:

“A robust, well thought out product! It was one of the greatest business decisions we’ve made.”

Tony Randles, Hall Management