Thank you for being a Datatech client!

The following four videos are from the sixth day of initial training clients have received with Datatech Training Manager Hannah Tarrats. As always, our friendly support team is here to help you with any questions you have.
In these videos, Hannah will cover the Payroll > Report menu, including the Payroll Journal, Workers Compensation, and Garnishment/Deduction Reports.
In this second video, Hannah covers the second section of reports, including the Earnings, Check Detail report and Labor Analysis reports.  The Labor Analysis report covers the process of exporting check information to Excel.

This next video covers the third section of reports that mainly deal with tax reporting. This includes the Tax Liability and Wage & Tax reports. Also included are the optional exports for third party applications, like exporting for Positive Pay reporting and QuickBooks exports.
This last section covers some common issues that arise with payroll and how to make corrections.