At Datatech, we’re leading the way with the payroll solution you require.

The Labor Contractor’s Office with Human Resources Management does most of the work for you.

Enter the data, and with a few simple clicks, rest and recovery, piece rate, sick pay, minimum wage and health insurance reporting is calculated for you.

And with Datatech ‘Grower Labor Reports,” you and your growers will be happy!

Our clients have begun their journey to a better payroll solution and more freedom by scheduling a free demonstration.

Start today, you have everything to gain!

  • High speed data entry on the daily payroll entry window
  • Minimum wage compliance checking is automatic when paying piece rates
  • Grower labor reports provide your clients with accurate, complete summaries of work performed and assure that you are complying with minimum wage requirements
  • Automatic calculations for average piecework rates to comply with non-productive time pay requirements in California and Washington
  • Accrue and pay sick pay in compliance with state sick pay laws (California’s AB 1522; Oregon’s SB 454; Arizona’s Proposition 206)
  • Calculates regular rate of pay for each employee to pay rest and recovery at the correct rates for piecework employees to comply w/California AB 1513
  • Ability to import data from other Ag payroll software
  • Changes in minimum wage are preprogrammed so that you are always using the current rates
  • Electronic files are generated for quarterly and annual reporting to state and federal governments
  • Easy management of employee deductions, including advances
  • Simple methods to void incorrect payroll checks and reprint checks
  • Employee check history information can be retained indefinitely for benefit audits, earnings reports, etc.
  • Accounts Payable and General Ledger help you in managing your business and cash flow
  • Accounts Receivable system assists in doing customized billing, collections, and tracking receivables
  • Training available at our office or your office
  • Toll free help on our support hotline and support via the Internet
  • On-line help available at the press of a key

The Labor Contractor’s Office from Datatech is the leading choice for farm labor contractors and is a complete payroll and accounting software system designed specifically for their demanding payroll requirements. When you add-on HR management, you’ll be saving even more time!

The Ag payroll is specifically designed to track which growers employees work for, where they worked and what jobs they performed. Tracking piecework is a easier with Datatech. Our payroll check stubs give complete, detailed information for your employees. The grower labor reports provide your growers with accurate, easy to read summaries of all work performed. Growers can be billed automatically by specifying a commission rate for each grower or by setting up your own billing rates for the work performed. Be accurate, up to date and save lots of time with Datatech’s ‘Labor Contractor’s Office.’
Labor Contractor details here – Need a payroll solution? Download Your Free Payroll Solutions Guide Here

“I love it! It does everything. We utilize it all. It’s not just a good program. It’s a great program!”

-Angie Avila, Durango Farm Management