Acting ICE leader says ‘zero’ tolerance for illegal immigration

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Fresno, California – Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE senior leader, Thomas Homan, is cracking the whip on immigration law breakers. Last fall, Homan was quoted as saying his department would step up immigration enforcement four or five times … Continued

Alert! Phone scammers have a new trick in the bag

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Fresno, California – We’ve reported on phone scams before, but every once in a while a new scam pops up that’s even more aggravating. Datatech has recently become aware of a new phone phishing scam that pops up your own … Continued

2018 brings new labor and employment laws to the ‘Golden State’

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Fresno, California – Like it, or not, California legislators were hard at work in 2017 to make employers lives, well, different, in 2018.  Datatech wanted to share four of these new laws that have the most impact on employers. They … Continued

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