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Produce shippers and packers, is your software being orphaned, out of date or not designed for produce?

Isn’t it time to look at fully supported inventory, sales and accounting software solutions that provide you with real-time data, when you need to see it?

For over 35 years, Datatech has been continually providing produce shippers, packers and winery operations the latest in inventory and sales software. Our clients are confident that their efficiency, profitability and having their current data when they want to see it, is maximized. Watch the video below and allow our clients to speak for us. Time and again, we’re told that our suite of ag software products makes their lives much easier.

 All of our produce shipper clients have begun their journey to clarity with a free demonstration of our software. Take some time here, visit our product pages that suit you, watch our testimonial videos with people just like you that are now clients and see how Datatech will be your solution to a more organized and time saving approach to inventory and sales data.

Click the button, fill in the form and we’ll contact you for a free demonstration. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! It’s all about your data and Datatech will help you make the right call.

-“…efficiency, cost effective, stress free, time saving. With Datatech, it’s like being freed from prison!” 

– Cindy Kramer, Farmex and Sundance Orchards