The Farmer’s Office from Datatech, is an easy to use Windows based farm cost accounting and payroll software solution that is meeting the ever-changing requirements of agribusiness across America.

You get powerful ag cost accounting, payroll, invoicing, inventory and bookkeeping management features to improve your profitability. We complement these accounting software features with timely email and toll-free telephone support, accounting program updates and training at or from our office in Fresno via the internet. And some of our clients request onsite training for an additional charge.

Datatech farm cost-accounting and payroll software is designed for both large and small farms. Whether you’ve outgrown generic software like QuickBooks, you desire to replace another farm accounting system or you want your farm management to be on a computer for the first time, The Farmer’s Office software will meet and we’re confident, exceed your needs and help you set your sights on further profitability!

  • It gives you back the time wasted doing your payroll and bookkeeping by hand with easy to use windows based software.
  • The software is designed for farm accounting and payroll–no workarounds to get cost accounting and Ag payroll done the way you need it.
  • Improves profitability by helping you fine-tune management decisions for crops with inventory reports, detailed information on costs, profitability and yields.
  • Keeps accurate records of profit or loss by commodity, field, ranch, and variety.
  • Sets up farm budgets by crop and field and monitors actual expenses versus budget.
  • Prepares accurate farm reports for your accountant and lenders.
  • Helps you keep up to date and in compliance with changing payroll legislation.
  • Reduces time spent preparing pesticide use reports.

Click on any of the topics on the left-hand side of this page to learn more about The Farmer’s Office.  Our product brochure is available and covers the same information and includes more sample reports and screenshots.  You can view and/or print the PDF version of the 52-page brochure by clicking here.  We can send you a copy of the brochure or if you have any other questions, contact our sales department by calling toll free, (888) 222-DATA(3282), and press 2 for Software Sales.

Click here to email our Sales Department

If you’re in the Central Valley of California, we can provide you with a personal demonstration. Call for an appointment at your office or come to our Fresno headquarters.  If you’re outside Central California, we offer ‘Go To Meeting’ remote demonstrations where you can log on to ‘Go To Meeting’ on your computer and we’ll demonstrate how the program works while we’re on the phone together.

We also offer a free evaluation version of the program if you would like to “try before you buy”.  The evaluation copy is a complete working version of the program you can install on your own computer and use for 30 days.  It includes the tutorial manual to help get you started with basic setup and data entry tasks. You can download the evaluation program and a PDF copy of the manual on this page on the left or call our Sales Department for a ‘flash-drive’ evaluation copy.

“I recommend ‘The Farmer’s Office’ all the time. The field cost accounting is so powerful. And the HR module is spectacular!”

– Barbara Ito, Five Star Bookkeeping

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Our customers say, “Datatech makes our lives easier!”

“We save, and I’m not in anyway exaggerating that we save dozens of hours, tens of hours every day, because of Datatech. I can’t say enough good about it!” – Cindy Kramer, Farmex and Sundance Orchards, Sanger, CA

“…a full robust well thought out product. In many cases, software companies devote their efforts to one aspect of getting work done. But what I feel like how Datatech wins is that they have a complete solution that is well thought out and well executed in quite a few areas.” – Tony Randles, Hall Management

“Thanks Jason. The staff, newsletters and blogs from Datatech have been invaluable through this whole ACA process!”  Cathi Tuando, Dullam Nursery, Oxnard, CA

“Your software is very easy to use, and this comes from a person who is not at all computer savvy!  Your support staff has gone above and beyond when we have desperately needed their help!  Thank you, Datatech!!” – Lisa Usher, Terry Farms, Denair, CA

“The software is friendly & reduces time spent in the office.  The support staff is knowledgeable, polite, and always helpful.” – Michelle Caffese, G. Caffese Farms, Stockton, CA

“I like how you folks are always ready to help me.” – Fred Buchnoff, Madera, CA  

“Simple, fast and complete!” – Paul Khasigian, Fowler

“I appreciate Datatech’s software support.  Their response is prompt and courteous.  I’m glad we switched from a pegboard bookkeeping system to a computerized system with Datatech’s ag software!” – Sharon Walls, Rock’N JK Farms, Kerman, CA

“Prompt, friendly service and efficient, practical software.” – Margaret Eutenier, Eutenier Ranches, Kelseyville, CA

“Datatech software helps us manage our farm more efficiently by tracking costs for each crop we grow.  The program enables us to easily break down each crop into cost centers, giving us a better idea of where our business is going.  The software is very easy to use and learn.” – Terry Giusti, Giusti Farms, Half Moon Bay, CA

“We like Datatech because its program meets all our needs, it is easy to follow and also allows easy access to correct any errors we may make.  We have used it three years and have seen each update provide even better features. The support staff has always been very helpful and extremely patient and considerate!” – Frederick & Elene Ferrero, Lodi, CA (this quote was from 1996–still a customer in 2017!)

“We think of Datatech as family.  We have been with them for over 12 years.  They are always there if we need help!” – Amanda Plaza, Tillage Ag Services, Inc.

“Very easy to learn & use.  Very efficient for us–small farming company–and affordable.” – Sharon Biswell, Pacific Valley Ag, Inc.

“Datatech’s support is without equal. The best I have ever seen or used in my many years in the software world.” – Harold Raphael, A & A Organic Marketing, Inc.

System Requirements

Operating System Support

The Farmer’s Office is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP Professional SP 3 (no longer recommended due to end of support)
  • Windows 7/8/10 Home (for single computer installations only)
  • Vista Business
  • Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate
  • Windows 8/8.1 Professional
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (Running Datatech Accounting Software remotely via Remote Desktop Connection is supported.)

64-bit operating systems are supported.  On 64-bit operating systems, you must install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office so that Word, Excel and Outlook to interface with the Datatech Accounting Software, which is also 32-bit.


Recommended specifications:

  • Windows 7/8/10 Professional
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • Dual Core Intel i3/i5/i7 Processor
  • 100Mb available hard disk space for initial install
  • Main display resolution:  1024×768 minimum (higher resolution recommended)
  • High speed Internet access (cable/DSL/wireless/etc)
  • Removable media for backups (USB flash drive, portable USB hard drive, etc.) and/or off-site remote backup
  • Battery backup

Most recent computer models will exceed these recommendations for processor, RAM and hard disk space.

“Home” editions of Windows may be used for single computer installations, but are not supported for network installations because they do not include support for joining a domain.


For multi-user installations, Microsoft SQL Server is used for the back end database.  In many cases, the Express edition of SQL Server may be used.  The Standard or Web editions may be used in cases where the customer is likely to exceed the limits of the Express edition.

Datatech Accounting Software uses the SQL Server 2012 version.  (Support for SQL Server 2008R2 is also available if you already have this version installed.)

A Virtual Server is not generally recommended by Datatech. If a client is currently using a virtual server we specifically advise against using VMWare. Remarkable performance decline has been experienced using virtual servers. Additionally, Datatech doesn’t support virtual servers. A virtual server can be used for SQL Server and remote desktop server, but your IT consultant must set up and maintain the virtual server.

Many of the system specifications for servers running SQL Server assume a large number of users, typically more than the most of our customers typically have.  We have developed the following server configurations based on our customers’ experience:

Up to 5 Users:

  • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5/i7
  • 180Gb SSD
  • 8Gb 1333Mhz Dual Channel RAM
  • Battery backup (UPS)
  • External backup media/remote backup

5 to 30 Users

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or  2012
  • Intel Xeon 3.1 Ghz
  • 2 240Gb SSD configured RAID1
  • 8Gb 1600Mhz Dual Channel RAM
  • Redundant power supply
  • Battery backup (UPS)
  • External backup media/remote backup

For more than 30 users, contact Datatech to discuss system requirements for your installation.

As a part of our installation service, Datatech will handle the installation, configuration and setup of the SQL Server instance(s) required by our software.  This requires that we have remote access to the server via RDP or TeamViewer and a user account set up with administrator privileges.


Gigabit network cabling is required for best performance.  Wireless network connections are not supported; loss of connection will result in data loss.

VPN connections over the Internet are not recommended for running our software.  Most (if not all) high speed Internet connections are too slow for effective use of the Datatech Accounting Software.  Use Remote Desktop to connect to a server from a remote location to run the Datatech Accounting Software.


All printers supported by the Windows operating system will work with The Farmer’s Office.  We recommend that you have a laser printer for printing reports, invoices and checks.  If you have a laser printer with multiple bins or paper trays, you can load it with plain paper and checks at the same time and the software will automatically use the correct bin.

Support for printing checks on dot matrix printers is limited.  Additional time and expense may be required in some situations to get dot matrix printers configured and working with the Datatech Accounting Software.  We strongly recommend replacing continuous check forms with full page checks that can be printed on laser printers.  Laser printers can print large check batches much faster than dot matrix printers can, are much quieter, and have fewer operational problems (i.e. check jams).  Our software also support many more customization options for laser checks than for dot matrix checks, including features that change the layout of the check stub information and automatically print signatures on checks.  The time and trouble you will save switching from continuous to page fed checks will more than make up for the cost of throwing away your old checks.

Check Ordering Information

Several different check layouts are preprogrammed into The Farmer’s Office.  If you currently have page fed checks that do not match one of our preprogrammed formats, a custom format can be easily set up to work with your existing checks.

If you already have computer checks and would like us to verify that they will work with our software, void a check and mail it to us for us to compare with our supported formats.  If you need to order new checks, we can provide you with samples of the standard check format used by our program.  (The sample check is provided by Advance Forms Management in Fresno.  They have worked with many of our customers, providing checks, W-2’s, invoices, and other forms, and are familiar with the standard Datatech check formats.)

Checks may of course be ordered from any forms supplier.  Here are some of the part numbers from two national forms companies that are pre-programmed in The Farmer’s Office:

SupplierCheck TypeForm #
NebsOne part laser multipurpose check (8 1/2″ x 11″)DLT111
NebsOne part laser multipurpose check (8 1/2″ x 11″, Quicken/Quickbooks standard)DLT103 or DLT104
NebsOne part laser multipurpose check (8 1/2″ x 11″, Peachtree compatible, middle check)DLT108
SafeguardOne part laser multipurpose check (8 1/2″x11″) top check, two stubsSF16001
SafeguardOne part laser multipurpose check (8 1/2″ x 11″) top and bottom stubs, middle checkSF4001

When ordering checks for laser or ink jet printers, the forms company should check to see what kind of printer you have.  Different models feed paper differently, and depending on how your printer works, you may need to get the checks in reverse order (highest check # on top) or in regular order (lowest check # on top).  Make sure you have the make and model of the printer ready when you call the forms company.

We also have a detailed specification for the check formats that are built-in to our software.

Other Forms

W-2’s are printed on pre-printed forms, including the standard 2 per page as well as “3-Up” and “4-Up” (four corner) formats.

Customer invoices are generally printed on blank paper.  If you need to print customer invoices on a form, contact Datatech for information about customizing the software to use your form.

Pricing and Ordering Information

Please contact Datatech’s Sales Manager, Paul Bondi for information on pricing, ordering, installation and training. Call toll free (888) 222-DATA(3282) or email

Training Options

Training is essential to getting the most out of your new Datatech software. We have several training options to help you get started and grow:

  1. Datatech provides outstanding multi-user remote training hosted by our Training Manager Hannah Tarrats via ‘GoToWebinar.’ We’ll start you out with basic payroll setup, payroll entry to accounts receivable/payable and the generation of reports. Our training sessions are recorded and posted here on our website in the Support section for convenience to review later. Remote training is very effective and allows you ask questions along the way. Once you’ve put that knowledge to use, you can then schedule additional training sessions when you’re ready to move on to other parts of the program.
  2. We can use leading remote communications software to provide one-on-one training services, which allows us to connect your computer to ours so we’re able to work with your accounting files and help with specific training requirements you’re having.
  3. On-site training at your location or in our Fresno office can be arranged: In our Fresno office: $120/hour (our standard hourly training rate) or On-Site at your location: $150 per hour plus on-site fee that covers the additional travel time & costs. Please contact the Datatech Sales Department for a quote to your location.
  4. Or you may want to learn program on your own and follow up with one-on-one training.  Some of our clients already have extensive experience with computers, bookkeeping procedures and with using other accounting programs. The tutorial manual provides you with a step by step guide to getting started and our latest training sessions are available on-line for viewing at your convenience. This allows you to learn the basics of setup and data entry, then concentrate on more advanced topics during one-on-one training sessions.

Ordering Information

If you’re ready to order contact our Sales Department here and ask for Paul Bondi.

Training can be scheduled by contacting our Sales Department by phone or email.