Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable system is an option that you can add to The Farmer’s Office since most growers don’t need a full invoicing/receivables system.  However, if you need to issue invoices to bill for your crops or bill for services such as custom harvesting or hauling, the Accounts Receivable system will make your life easier and provide for these capabilities.

Here’s a list of features of The Farmer’s Office Accounts Receivable system:

  • Customer file maintains names, address, and current balances for all your customers. Customer lists and mailing labels can be printed from the customer file.
  • When you enter invoices, income can be credited to multiple income accounts for the General Ledger, as well as multiple cost centers for the crop cost accounting reports.
  • Invoice line item detail entry has columns to enter dates and tag numbers when billing for hauling. Also, a separate weight entry can be turned on if you need to bill by the pound or ton while also showing the number of containers, bins, etc. on the invoice.
  • Invoices may be printed at the time of entry or in a batch at a later time. If printed in a batch, invoices can be first printed as trials, proofread, then printed as finals.
  • Invoices and statements may be printed on blank paper, letterhead or pre-printed forms. You can print your logo at the top of the invoices when using the blank paper format.
  • Payments received for invoices are automatically updated to the Checkbook window and appear as deposits.
  • Customer statements can be printed, showing all open invoices.
  • Service charges may be automatically charged on overdue balances.
  • Invoices and statements can be printed on standard forms, blank paper or letterhead stock.
  • Set up custom messages to print on invoices and statements.
  • The Aged Accounts Receivable Report, for accounting and collections, may be printed in summary or detail form with user defined aging periods.