Pesticide Application Reporting

The Pesticide Application system gives you the tools to maintain information about your sites, the chemicals you use and the applications you make. From the information that you enter you are able to print a Notice of Intent (if required) as well as the Monthly Pesticide Use Report.

Features of the pesticide reporting include:

  • The Monthly Pesticide Use Report is a California State approved format.
  • The Notice of Intent may be printed on blank paper.
  • Maintains list of sites with all information needed to print a Notice of Intent and/or Monthly Summary Report.
  • Maintains list of chemicals including manufacturer name, EPA Registration number and re-entry time.
  • When entering applications you may record the employee(s) that made the application and the type of safety equipment used during the application.
  • Reports by chemical and site may be obtained for any date period.
  • Safety meeting records may be kept with a printed copy for employees to sign at the time of the meeting to show attendance.
  • An Employee Exposure List shows all applications made by each employee.
  • WPS Posting Notice can be printed listing active ingredient and re-entry time.
  • Chemical file maintains inventory balances and cost of materials.
  • Chemical purchases entered in vendor invoicing or check writing, activate transaction entry for adding to inventory.
  • Cost of application can be updated to cost accounting and general ledger, reducing inventory and expensing the cost of application to the cost center(s) you specify.
  • Application information can be retained on your computer indefinitely for historical purposes.