Food Processor Accounting

Datatech’s Food Processor Accounting system is used by companies that process, pack and sell dried fruit (raisins, prunes, dates), nuts, and grains. In addition to complete order entry, inventory control, and accounting features, Datatech also has Grower Accounting software for raisin packers that handles the calculation of payments to growers based on inspection results and maintains raw product and bin inventories.

The Order Entry/Inventory/Invoicing systems are designed to convert inventory unit types (cases, bags, cartons, etc.) to billing units (usually pounds) when products are billed. Order Entry/Invoicing includes features for handling exports. The Purchase Order system allows you to enter both ‘packouts’ and outside purchases into inventory.

Inventory at multiple locations is supported. You can enter finished product in the Purchase Order system, then ship it to other warehouses for distribution. Inventory balances are maintained separately for each warehouse, and inventory reports (Physical Count Worksheet and Inventory Valuation for instance) can be printed for individual warehouses.

Over half of the raisin packers in Central California use Datatech’s Food Processor and/or Raisin Grower accounting systems.

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