General Business Accounting

Datatech’s accounting software including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger can and isĀ used by many different small businesses. Optional modules extend the accounting capabilities for specific types of businesses.

The Accounts Receivable system features include: support for billing and tracking multiple sales tax rates, ability to credit income to multiple general ledger accounts(i.e. labor vs. taxable, service vs. equipment, etc.) on the same invoice, support for billing service charges on overdue balances and the ability to create your own classifications for customers. Additionally, you get many standard reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging, Statements and the Delinquent Invoice Report. Billing information can be maintained indefinitely on an open-item basis, so you are able to instantly view a complete billing and payment history for a customer on the screen.

We’ve developed specialized options for small businesses to operate more effectively. For instance, you can set up your own list of referral types so that you can track where customers find out about your business and use this information in analyzing marketing and advertising effectiveness. Service-oriented businesses can track dates of last and next service so that reminder notices can be sent out increasing customer retention and repeat business.

The General Accounting system is a flexible accounting solution. Additional features include: separation of vendors/payables by class, automatic check writing, cost center setup for financial reporting and support for multiple users on networks. Custom programming services can extend the capabilities of our standard package to meet the individual requirements of any business.


This software solution can be used by contractors (general, electrical, HVAC, alarm, fire sprinkler, etc.) to track and analyze expenses and income on a job by job basis. Job numbers are entered on Accounts Receivable invoices to tie payments received from customers to the individual jobs. Job numbers are also entered on vendor invoices and checks to track expenses. Multiple jobs can be set up for each customer. When jobs are completed, their status can be set to closed. Budgets can be set up for each job. Several reports are available for analyzing the profitability of each job, comparing actual expenses to budget and getting expense totals for progressive billings.

The Automatic Billing system can generate and print invoices on a regular schedule (monthly, quarterly, annually) for your customers. Each customer may have multiple line items for automatic billing. It is possible to have different billing cycles for each item and income can be credited to different income accounts on the General Ledger. Automatic billing invoices can be printed on your regular invoice forms or we can customize the invoices to your requirements (for instance, printing directly on postcard stock for easier mailing).

The Inventory system integrates with the Invoicing system to automatically track balances. A location code can be used for each stock number to maintain inventory balances at multiple locations/warehouses. A Purchase Order system can be used for tracking inventory on orders, back-orders and items received.

If you have any questions about general accounting with Datatech, contact our Sales Department here.