Grape Delivery/Grower Payment Software

Working with a local winery, Datatech has created a new software package that simplifies tracking grower delivery information, contracts, inventory, and calculating grower payments.  We are pleased to now offer this same time-saving software to other wineries.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited number of growers and varieties.
  • Each grower can have multiple contracts, for different varieties and/or fields.
  • Weight tag reports can be printed by grower, contract, variety, county, buyer, or date.
  • Grower Payment Report automatically calculates payments for 2 or more growers on one contract (partnerships, landlord/grower splits, etc.).
  • Grower Payment Report will calculate deductions such as State Inspection Fee, Grape Assessment, and Pierce’s Disease Assessment.
  • Grower Payment software can be used stand alone or integrated with our accounting software suite.

If you’d like more information contact Isaac Davidian at 1 (888) 222-DATA, extension 106.