Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable system integrates the invoicing system with the general ledger and provides you with tools to stay on top of your receivables, record payments on invoices, handle collections, and issue PACA letters.

When all invoicing is completed for the day, a sales journal is run which updates the General Ledger with accounting totals. Invoices then appear on aging reports and are available to enter payments.

Features include:

• When payments on invoices are entered, cash receipts journal automatically makes deposit entry to cash in bank.
• Brokerage and temperature recorder processing programs create payables invoices for you automatically from the information entered while invoicing.
• Accounts Receivable Aging report can be printed with monthly or weekly aging columns.
• Customer Inquiry screen allows you to check on status of invoices without printing reports.
• Customer statements can be printed for unpaid invoices.
• PACA letters can be printed for overdue invoices.
• Sales Reports allow you to analyze your sales for any date range by type of sale(grower, buy/sell, brokerage), product, customer, and salesman, in summary or detail format.

Reports in the Accounts Receivable system include:

Sales Journal
Cash Receipts Journal
Aged Accounts Receivable Report
Unpaid Invoices by Grower
Invoice Lists
Credit Memo Lists
Trouble Reports
Customer Ledger Cards
Customer Statements
PACA Letters
Customer Sales Reports
Customer Sales Analysis
Consignment Invoice List