Grower Accounting

There are three primary grower accounting methods to use with The Shipper’s Office: Grower Statement by Date, Lot Grower Statements and Pool Grower Statements

In all systems, the grower accounting system is highly integrated with the customer billing, inventory and payables systems to eliminate any need to make duplicate entries.

While there are separate grower accounting reports available, all grower accounting methods share several common features, including:

  • Many standard deductions can be calculated automatically, including freight, in/out, pallet deductions, commission and brokerage.
  • Additional deductions can be set up to be calculated automatically, based on the grower and product codes. This may include selling or packing fees, assessments, etc
  • Brokerage deduction can be subtracted from the gross sale price on the grower reports or deducted as a lump sum with other deductions.
  • Commission can be calculated as a percent of sales or per package rate.
  • When entering vendor checks or invoices for items that you will deduct from the grower’s account, you can enter the grower account, lot number, (if using lot accounting) and expense number to charge the expense to.
  • Manual grower charges can also be entered,  The program will automatically charge the grower’s account and credit the appropriate general ledger account.
  • The grower charge report prints all grower deductions by date and grower and shows deductions that have appeared on a final grower statement and deductions that haven’t and season-to-date deductions.
  • Average sales price for each commodity and grower are included on daily sales average reports that can be printed after each day’s invoices are finalized.  Sales average reports can also be run for any range of dates.

Custom grower statements can also be designed for your individual company.  If you currently have a particular style or layout that your would like to retain, please contact us for more information on custom programming.

Check our product brochure for more information about grower accounting features and sample grower liquidation reports.