Pool Liquidations

Multiple growers may participate in a pool, each receiving the average F.O.B. price for their produce. Pools may run over any period of time, include multiple product codes (sizes and grades) and you can have multiple pools with different grower participating running at the same time.

Instead of tracking produce sold for each grower, the pool accounting system tracks it by pool. Inventory balances are likewise maintained on a product code/pool basis.

A Pool Statement may also be printed to show packed quantities, total sales and establish average sale prices for all commodities in a pool.

Once all sales are final and average prices have been established for all commodities, a grower statement may be printed based on the quantities and products received from the grower and the average prices for the commodities.

With the optional pallet tag system, a Grower Sales Report by Pool can be printed. This report is based on the shipped pallet tags (which identify the grower as well as the pool that the produce belongs to) and the sales prices on the invoices. This makes it possible to detail exactly what sales were made for each grower.

Under the Pool Accounting system, inventory balances are maintained on a pool/product code basis, instead of the grower/product code basis. The invoicing and order entry screens have entries for pool number rather than grower number.

Check our product brochure for more information about grower accounting features and sample grower liquidation reports.