Bulk Inventory

A separate Bulk Inventory module tracks product that is received in bulk containers to be packed later.  Print bin tags out to identify each grower’s product.  Reports are available to help you track packed and unpacked bins.  Record which bins are packed using the Packout Reports option.

The Bulk Inventory option includes the following features:

  • Several reports are available to print bins received, packed, or unpacked, for selected varieties, lots, product codes and locations.
  • Print a Delivery Receipt for the grower when receiving bulk product.
  • Track product in different types of bulk containers.
  • Track the crew that harvested each bin for traceability.
  • You can enter the gross weight, tare, and net weight for each load.
  • Print bin tags out on thermal transfer printers (e.g. Sato, Datamax, or Zebra) or standard laser printers.
  • After a packout, you can create new bulk bins if some of the product is not packed.  For instance, when packing onions from bins that haven’t been sized, some of the product may be packed into bags while the rest is sized and placed in different bins according to size, to be packed later.