Cold Storage Billing

For fresh produce cold storage companies, the pallet inventory system in The Shipper’s Office can be used as the basis for billing your customers. The pallet inventory system tracks when product is received and when it is shipped out, so the system can bill for the number of days the product was in storage. Features of the cold storage system include:

  • Incoming and outgoing product is identified by the grower. For billing purposes, each grower is assigned to a customer account. This allows you to bill a single shipper while keeping track of product for multiple growers of that shippers. Storage charges for each grower are detailed on the shipper’s invoice.
  • Billing is based on the number of days product is in storage. The billing file allows you to specify the rates to bill for each package for a specific number of days. Up to three different rates/periods may be set up in the billing file. For instance, you may bill 80 cents per package for the first 30 days, then 1 ½ cents for each day after.
  • Customers may be billed either once the product has shipped, or immediately once it has been received.
  • When product is billed after it’s received, if it remains in storage past the initial period billed for, the system will bill for it again. For instance, you bill $7.50 per week for a product. The customer is billed immediately once that product is received. If it is shipped within a week of receiving it, the customer is not billed again. But if it is still in storage a week after it’s received, another $7.50 will be billed for another week.
  • Different billing rates/methods may be set up for different commodities (for instance, grapes vs. tree fruit).
  • The Pallet Billing Report prints billing amounts for each customer, with subtotals by grower (if a customer has multiple growers). The report can also print sub-totals by Lot #.
  • The Pallet Billing Report serves as the basis for entering invoices for each customer. The program can be enhanced to automatically generate invoices for your customers.