Fiber Inventory

The Fiber Inventory module is an option that helps you manage your materials inventory. It includes a full purchase order system to order and track materials that you purchase. You can set re-order levels to help maintain inventory. A complete purchase history is maintained including vendors from whom each item has been purchased and the costs.

Although primarily used for packing materials, this inventory system can be used for a wide range of items, including chemicals, fertilizer, seed and spare parts.

Materials that are used may be charged out in a variety of ways. You can construct a bill of materials for each of the products you pack. As the product is packed, received or repacked, the bill of materials is used to relieve the fiber inventory of the items used. If the products are items you are selling for a grower, a grower charge will be created that will subsequently be deducted from the grower’s liquidation. If the products are your own, or purchased, the appropriate cost of materials g/l account will be charged for the cost.

If you are billing the grower for materials in bulk that are shipped to the grower for his use, you can create a charge tag to the grower’s account and relieve inventory when the materials are shipped to the grower.

Fertilizer, chemicals, seed and other items involved in a farming operation can be charged out to a field and phase when inventory is relieved.  Other materials, such as spare parts, may be charged to any maintenance G/L account that is appropriate.