The Shipper’s Office has a flexible invoicing system that allows you to enter all of the information needed for billing your customers, updating accounting totals, printing grower account sales reports and maintaining inventory balances.

Features of the Invoicing system include:

  • Orders that have been entered and shipped from the Order Entry window are immediately available for billing. Corrections and additions can be made at this point if necessary before billing.
  • Invoices are processed in “batches.” Individual operators can enter, edit, proof and finalize their invoices independent of what others are entering.
  • If product from multiple growers is sold on the same invoice, one line for each grower can be entered to accurately track grower sales, but the items will be combined on the printed invoice.
  • For buy/sell (purchased lot) sales, the vendor, invoice # and cost can be entered to automatically create an accounts payable invoice.
  • Brokerage and freight costs can be entered on each line to update accounting totals.
  • Trouble entry allows you to record problems, inspection results, original price, date resolved and more.  If a credit will be issued to the customers the program can create the credit automatically.
  • Invoices can be reversed and re-billed so that you can make corrections after the final billing.
  • Special messages can be entered and printed on statements.
  • Canadian Confirmation of sale forms can be printed for export invoices.
  • Bill of Lading, Load Sheets, Notification of Shipment and other documents may also be printed from the Invoicing window.
  • Consignments may be entered and priced later.