Order Entry

Everything is a mouse click away.  Enter new orders, update and revise existing orders, check on inventory balances, fax or email shipping documents to your customers, ship orders–it’s all a few mouse clicks away.  As one of our customers once said, “It’s like Disneyland for selling produce!”

Sales Center

The Sales Center serves as a “launching point” for your salespeople to work from.  From the Sales Center window, you can check on inventory balances, add new customers and orders, view customer account activity and run sales analysis reports.

From the Order Entry screen you can enter new orders, revise and update existing orders, check on inventory balances and the status of customer accounts, change the status of the order to indicate that they have shipped and print Truck Load Sheets, Bills of Lading, Notification of Shipment and other documents.

Order Entry Features include:

  • Print a Confirmation of Sale and fax or email it to your customers after the order is taken.
  • Special instructions can be entered for printing on the Load Sheet and Bill of Lading.
  • Customers can be assigned credit limits and users will be warned if a customers is over their limit.
  • Notification of Shipment (“passings”) can be faxed or emailed directly from the computer as produced is shipped.  If you are using a fax server from GFI or Tobit, fax numbers don’t need to be entered each time you send a fax.  They are entered once in the customer file and the program will automatically send the document to the customer’s fax number.
  • Inventory balances by lot/product, grower/product or by product are available instantly using lookup keys.
  • When the optional pallet tag inventory system is used, you can scan pallet tag numbers right on this screen to update your orders with the actual quantities, growers and lot numbers that were shipped.

Warehouse Program

Your warehouse personnel can use a special program that provides access only to the order entry and sales inventory and pallet tag inventory modules. The Shipping Center provides a “control panel” to assist in the truck check in, loading and shipping process.