PRODUCT: LABOR CONTRACTOR’S OFFICE WITH HR MANAGEMENT: “It does everything, I have the human resources, I have the payroll, we have the accounts payable. We utilize everything in it. I also noticed that it has the sales for the cold storage, the inventory. There is so much to do with Datatech. It’s not just a good program…it’s a great program.”
-Angie Avila, Durango Farm Management, Sanger, CA
PRODUCT: HR MANAGMENT: “Thanks Jason. The staff, newsletters and blogs from Datatech have been invaluable through this whole ACA process!
 -Cathi Tuando, Dullam Nursery, Oxnard, CA
PRODUCT: LABOR CONTRACTOR’S OFFICE WITH HR MANAGEMENT: “At some point in time we were thinking that we were going to have to calculate payroll manually. And it was just overwhelming to me to think, because in our peak season we have up to three thousand employees and it was going to be impossible to do in a timely manner. We’re relieved with Datatech, it’s as simple as plugging in their rate and the system will calculate out everything else!”
– Claudia Hernandez, Titan Ag Services, Tipton, CA
PRODUCT: SHIPPER’S OFFICE: “It’s functionality is precise and its ease of use is what produce billing software is meant to be. …I’ve used Famous to Produce Pro, nobody had to tell me to purchase Datatech, I discovered it’s utility on my own.”
– Jeff Williams, South Florida Wholesale & Retail, Boca Raton, FL
“I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”
Angie Avila, Durango Farm Management