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Changing Regular Sick Pay Used to Covid Leave

Employees may request Covid Leave for time they were off work in January 2022. If they took regular sick pay days for Covid reasons, then employers can issue a check with negative sick pay hours and positive Covid Leave at the same pay rate. This is a way to convert sick pay already taken to Covid Leave.

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Paying CA Covid Leave 2022

When an employee is taking their Covid Leave you’ll need to know:

1. If the employee has any deductions taken out of their check and if so temporarily turn them off.

2. Which set of reasons the employee is taking the leave for, Related or Positive.

3. How many Covid Leave hours that employee has left to take.

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Covid Leave Setup 2022

This video will show you how to set up a Covid Wage Type and two Leave Types with unique identifiers. This will help you accurately track Covid Leave for 2022.

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