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Lesson 1.5 Grower Entry

Learn how to enter Grower accounts. The Grower entry controls the address information that is required in CA to print on checks. It also controls the billing information and Labor Report style.

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Lesson 1.4 Chart of Accounts

There are two ways to set up your Chart of Accounts. If you would like to set up a new list, use our default list and modify as needed. If you already have a Chart of Accounts list you want to use, we may be able to export/import your current list.

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Lesson 1.3 Checks, Backups, Updates

We will assist you with custom check formats if needed. Datatech software is compatible with most check formats. Learn how to take your own backup of the software and how to adjust your settings for update reminders.

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Lesson 1.1 Startup Wizard

Walk through the initial setup of your program using the Startup Wizard. Need to edit the information you entered in the Startup Wizard? Learn how to edit this information after the initial setup is complete.

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