Form 941 update available

An update is available now that includes changes made to the federal Form 941 for 2017.  Customer that are running The Farmer’s Office, The Labor Contractor’s Office, The Shipper’s Office, The Broker’s Office or Food Processor Accounting can use the Check for Updates option on the Tools menu to download and install this update.

Customers that are using another program will need to call our customer support department to schedule a time to install the update.

If you do not need to file the 941 form (i.e. all of your employees are classified as 943 employees, or you are not using the payroll system) then this update is not required.

This update does include some database changes to the payroll check file.  The database update might take some extra time to complete depending on the size of your payroll history file.  We recommend that you schedule installation of this update either before or after regular working hours to minimize downtime.  Installing the update running the program on your server first will complete the database updates in the least amount of time.