Do you use our Employee Import tool? New enhancements have been made that could dramatically speed up some of your workflows.

This article will include details about these new features, a video with step-by-step import instructions, and links to some third party applications that work with your Datatech Software (plus special offers for Datatech customers.)

The Employee Import tool began as a way to import employees from the ADS data collection platform into Datatech software. Still, any customer with employee information in an Excel or CSV file could import these files straight into their Datatech program. 

Over the past year, Datatech has been working with additional third party software developers to enhance the integration between software platforms. This means many new pieces of employee information have been added to the import, speeding up many data entry processes.

What's New?

Many of the recent enhancements have developed from integration with Ganaz, Inc. Ganaz provides HR Onboarding, Training, and Pay Card Solutions. The recent additions to the Employee Import include:

  • Direct Deposit/Pay Card Information
  • EEO Category and Race
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Health Insurance Pre-enrollment/Decline Information
  • Creation of Re-Hire Records (if an employee has a prior employment history)

The final section of this article includes more information about the third parties compatible with Datatech Software. 

How to Import Employees

We have posted a new video and instructions on how to import employee data. 

Watch the video and download the instructions anytime. 

Third Party Compatibility with Datatech Software

This article is highlighting some of the third party Onboarding Apps compatible with your Datatech Software. While we do not endorse any one company, we wanted to share a few companies that may make your job easier when it comes to collecting and importing employee data. 

Ganaz is the people management platform built for agriculture to save you time and resources. Streamline your HR and payroll process with our suite of tools to onboard employees faster, improve workforce communication, manage your H-2A program more efficiently, and simplify payday with our Ganaz payroll card. 

With Ganaz’s robust integration with the Datatech platform you will not only eliminate tedious hiring paperwork but also say goodbye to time-consuming data entry, paychecks, and paper paystubs

Take a look at testimonials to see what other growers and farm labor contractors have to say about the impact of our tools and customer service on their operations. 

Special Offer

As a Datatech customer, get one Ganaz module for free for up to 6 months

We know our tried-and-tested Datatech integration will make implementation a breeze for your team and can’t wait to get you started.

Book a call with Ganaz to claim your free tool.

PickTrace is the all-in-one management suite for ag with paperless hiring, time/productivity tracking, and employee payments. 

PickTrace’s powerful technology helps agricultural producers thrive in a time when pressures are increasing. Their software provides growers with real-time insights so they can improve their operations’ efficiency and compliance. Their customer obsession ensures that we solve real pain points, modernizing and transforming the world’s oldest and most fundamental industry – agriculture.

Onboard employees in 90 seconds in the field or in the office.  Rapidly hire and re-hire your workforce by digitizing the I-9 and W-4 document completion and storage process.

Special Offer

Datatech customers will receive a year free of our onboarding app with the combined usage of our new pay card solution

Visit or 

Call (415) 295-1899 for more details.

Take hiring to the new level by using the PET Tiger Onboarding and Training App. It can be used in the office or out in the field for convenience. You can even identify new and returning employees.  Using our Quick Check-In feature, you will save time as well as promptly have a permanent digital record.

Have employees sign government forms such as W4, I9, or state withholding, as well as your company’s other hiring forms. PET Tiger Onboarding and Training keeps you in compliance, by organizing and storing all signed documents. Thus, allowing you to effortlessly access the documents from the employees’ profile.

Special Offer

Call (800) 656-7264 or 

Visit for a substantial discount as a Datatech user.

Harvust helps American farms streamline key human resources tasks (onboarding new employees, safety training, and communication) easily and efficiently. Everyone from the farm CEO to the migrant farmworker, uses Harvust. Our software provides the robust functionality and integrations demanded by modern farms while being accessible enough that every farmworker with a phone can do valuable job tasks. 

Based in rural Walla Walla, WA, we take our time and focus on building quality products that improve the lives of farmers and farmworkers. Because of that focus, Harvust won the 2021 American Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year competition. 

Click here to check out a video featuring a handful of Harvust’s customers and what they think of them.

Special Offer

Datatech customers will receive a $500 credit for Harvust tools when they sign up. 

Schedule a demo:

Call (509) 424-5965 or 


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