A program update to the Human Resource Management software is now available through Check for Updates.  This update includes several new options to the Retirement module.  These changes have come as we’ve received more information from CalSavers and customer feedback.

Retirement Plan Census Export Formats 

The CalSavers system allows for both CSV and Excel Census formats.  Depending on the format, the import process is handled differently by the CalSavers system. 

CalSavers (XLSX)

The XLSX file is processed immediately after uploading.  If the CalSavers system identifies errors (including incorrect zip codes, incomplete email addresses, or a period in phone numbers) it will not import the entire file.  Their system will provide an error report that contains the line number and field causing the error.  

You may use this information to correct employee info and then re-export the file using the Re-Export Batch # option on the Census.

CalSavers (CSV)

The CSV export is processed differently.  Customers are reporting receiving an email from CalSavers with employee errors hours or, in some cases, days after the original upload.

When using the CSV file format, CalSavers will import employees that have valid information.  This means users must delete retirement records for the employees with errors in order to re-export those employees.

Note: When the update is installed, the former CalSavers option will default to the CSV format. We recommend changing this to the Excel format so you will receive immediate results when uploading your Census file.

In addition, an export format called Payroll Deduction IRA has been added.  This format is for future support of an alternate retirement plan system.  More information on this format will be released as updates are made.

Census Employee Address Export Options

An employee record MUST have a Street Address to be accepted in the CalSavers system.  Your Datatech software will export an employee’s mailing and street address, if they exist. If an employee has no street address in their Payroll Employee record, the software will export their mailing address in the Street Address field, as long as it is not a P.O. Box. 

The Census export now also has the following options: 

Census Export

Company Address/Phone When Missing

This option will use the Employer’s Street Address (and Phone #) as the Employee’s Street Address if the employee is missing a street or mailing address.  

Use Company Address For P.O. Boxes

If an employee has a P.O. Box as their mailing address and is missing a street address, the software will export the Employer Street Address in the Employee Street Address field.  The employee’s P.O. Box will still be exported as their Mailing Address.

Import Employee Status

There are two changes that will aid users that uploaded employees to CalSavers manually.

External Payroll ID 

What if the CalSavers Employee Data export does not have an External Payroll ID?  The software will now try to match the employee based on the employee’s name and the last four digits of their social security number.

Upper/Lower Case Names 

Previously, when there was no External Payroll ID, the software did not match employee names with names in CalSavers that were entered in upper/lower case.  We have now updated the import to handle upper/lower case names.

Employee Status “Registered” 

A new status was added by CalSavers from our initial specifications.  If an employee status is Registered, they will be set to Enrolled for their plan status.

Customizable Retirement Record Report

A new Customize option has been added in the Review Retirement Records.  To access the report, click the down arrow next to the Report button.  Select Customize.

Retirement Report

The Custom Report Settings is similar to other Custom Report options in Datatech software.  Enter a Report Title to save the settings under a report name.  Then, click on the Columns button to select the columns you would like to appear on the report.  You can reorder the columns using the buttons on the right.

Custom Retirement Report

Once complete, click Ok on the Columns window and Ok on the Report Settings window.  When you Preview or Print the report from the Report drop-down options, the custom settings will be used.


Please contact our support department with any questions.


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