At this time, the Census Export is designed for the CalSavers and OregonSaves retirement programs with automatic enrollment.  It will determine what employees have worked and are eligible for enrollment.

This option will be updated to handle opt-in retirement plans as well.  For opt-in plans, the option will only export employees that have a retirement plan record indicating that they have accepted enrollment.

As we have more development for other retirement plans, this window may be modified or look different based on the default Export Format on the retirement plan.

Note: If you have H2A or foreign addresses, CalSavers says you will need an alternate export format. We will have an update to include this format soon. 

Who is included on the Census?

  • Active Employees (Inactive excluded)
  • Employees with no current Termination Date (may have one in History)
  • State for Withholding on their Employee file matches the Retirement Plan Setup
  • Meet the minimum age for the plan or no birth date
  • Does not have an active retirement record

What if you have already generated or uploaded employees to the website portal?

Do not export the census yet.  First, download your Employee Data (Contribution Statuses) from the CalSavers/OregonSaves portal and import (see Import Employee Status).  This will create retirement plans for the employees you have already exported/set up in the program.

Then, you can run the Census to get all other employees that have not been uploaded/set up in the program.

stop icon

Census Export

You can access the export from Retirement > Census Export.

Automatic Enrollment Census Export

Plan ID

Select the Plan ID for the census export.

Lookback # of Days

The Lookback # of Days identifies employees that have received a check within the specified number of days.  Employees hired who have not received a check will not be included in the Census. The Census is based on whether they have received a check, it does not look at work dates.

The lookback will default to the plan setting for “# of Days After Hire to Enroll” (on the Retirement Plan Set Up).  This will be used to pull in all employees that have received a check within that period, and have not already had a retirement record created. 

On the Retirement Plan Set Up, you define the # of days from hire to enroll (upload to CalSavers/OregonSaves). The number of days for these plans is 30. If you do not run the file within 30 days (i.e. you wait 40 days before you run the Census again) the program will automatically change the lookback number of days to 40.  This ensures that employees get included on the census.

Going forward, if you do not record terminations/inactive employees, you may want to enter a shorter lookback period.  For example, if you want to include only employees that have received a check in the last two weeks, you can change the Lookback # of Days to 14. 

If you have entered terminated/laid off employees and account information is up to date, this would not be a concern and you can select a longer look back period. Those employees would be excluded based on the parameters laid out above.

Important: The company address used for the following two options will be what you have entered under Tools > Program Setup > Main > Company in the Street Address fields. If no address is entered in the Street Address fields, the Mailing Address will be used. Remember, a P.O. Box address will not be accepted as an employee’s physical address. Do not replace a missing or P.O. Box address with a P.O. Box address.

Exception Report: If you select either of the checkboxes, the program will still create an exception report. This report will list any employees that had information replaced. If you replace an employee’s information with your company information and upload it to CalSavers, that information will need to be manually edited on their website.

stop icon

Use Company Address/Phone When Missing

CalSavers will not create a record for an employee if they are missing an address or phone number. Select this box to replace any missing employee addresses or phone numbers with your company address or phone number. This will allow the employee record to be created in the CalSavers and OregonSaves programs.

Note: Selecting this option will only replace information that is missing in the employee’s account. If you have a phone number entered for the employee, but they are missing an address, only the address with be replaced.

Use Company Address/Phone When Missing

CalSavers will not accept a ‘P.O. Box’ as an address. Select this box to replace any P.O. Box addresses entered as the physical address on employee accounts with your company address.

Note: Selecting this option will replace any address entered as a P.O. Box with your company address.

Re-Export Batch #

You can use this option to re-export a specific batch number. This could be used in cases where you include employees with missing phone numbers/address information, then fix those accounts, or want to re-export the same employees using the option to substitute company address/phone on those employees.

The batch # can be found on the retirement record of an employee that was included in the batch, on the message that appears right after you generate the files, or in the title of the exported file.

Excel Filename

This entry is disabled for CalSavers/OregonSaves. File Name will be generated automatically per specs in the designated export folder. The export will save in the default folder defined in the HR Setup > Retirement tab.


Select either Print or Preview.  This will print or preview an Exception Report if you have employees with missing dates required for retirement plan enrollment.

Census Export Messages

You will get the following message if there are no employees to be included in the file:

automatic enrollment census export no employees


You will receive an exception report if any of the following apply:

  • Temporary/Incomplete Social Security Number
  • Missing Address Information
  • Missing Date of Birth

These are required fields.  The exception report will be previewed:

census exception report

These employees will not be included in the Census and you will receive the following message:

automatic enrollment census export correct info

Yes – If you click Yes, no census will be generated.  You can correct any information and re-generate the census file.

No – If you click No, the employees listed will still not be included in the Census that is created.  All other employees that meet the parameters outlined above will be included.

Export Results

When the export is complete you will receive a message with the number of records exported:

automatic enrollment census export employees exported

When employees are included on a Census for Automatically Enrolled retirement plans (CalSavers & OregonSaves) the program automatically creates a Retirement record.  This record includes a Batch #.  On future Census exports, employees with a retirement record will not be included. 

Employees not included on a census because of invalid information, will be included on future census exports if they are continuing to work and have valid information updated on their Employee file.

If you generate a census file it should be uploaded to the state portal.  Otherwise, the HR program will think that the enrollment is pending for all employees, but the state system will have no record of the employees.

If you need to re-generate a census, this would require deleting the retirement records in order for the software to include them again.  (This will be covered in the Retirement record section).

Import Census to CalSavers/OregonSaves

As mentioned above, the software will automatically place the census file in the default folder specified in Tools > HR Setup > Retirement.  When you are uploading the file, navigate to this folder to locate the file.

Census file location folder


The employer is responsible for ongoing responsibilities: submitting employees’ contributions and adding new employees or removing employees who have left your company. Employees are responsible to make manual edits to their accounts in the CalSavers/OregonSaves portals. CalSavers import process does not allow for updating information through imports. 

Click here to see what you are and are not responsible for according to CalSavers.

If you include employees in a Census that already exist in the portal, their system will give you a duplicate records error. Therefore, re-hires ARE NOT included in the census if they have been previously exported. (You can complain to them, not us.)

Here are the instructions provided from CalSavers for when you have a re-hire:

Employers may use the “employment status” functionality to instead mark an employee as inactive. Doing so will default to make that employee invisible to the employer (this can be turned off to view all employees both active/inactive). 

When an employee comes back onboard, the employer would mark their status as “active” (instead of re-uploading as a new employee) and can then check a box that says “Resend welcome invitation” so they are notified of CalSavers again.

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