New HRM Tool Tip for Deductions on Health Benefit Records

Datatech’s HRM Software has just made it a little easier to check the deductions being calculated when a Health Benefit Record is added or edited. For those who want to see what calculation the software is making to come up with the amount it will deduct for the employee, a new Tool Tip will pop up when the “Amount” box (to the right of the “Employee Cost” field) is clicked with your mouse pointer. Once you have updated your software to version (or newer), you can make use of this new feature.

To begin using the feature, first go to the Employee Entry window and select an employee number. Then click on the Health Benefits tab. You can click the New button to add a new record, or, if an entry already exists that you want to view or edit, highlight that record and click the edit button, or simply double-click that record.

Next click the “Select Plan” button and select (or re-select) the correct Medical Plan from your menu. The deduction amount recorded in your Medical Plan should automatically populate into the “Employee Cost” field. However, suppose your deduction amount is a weekly amount and the employee gets paid monthly or semimonthly? Or suppose the amount is a monthly amount and your employee is paid weekly? How do you know the exact amount the software will deduct from each check?

The new Tool Tip now shows you what calculations are being made and what the actual deduction amount on the pay check will be. Clicking your mouse pointer in the “Amount” box to the right of the “Employee Cost” field will popup the Tool Tip, showing you the basic deduction information. Now hold the Shift key and click the Save button. This saves the entry without closing the Record you have open. Clicking your mouse pointer again over the “Amount” box now shows you any conversion factors being applied as well as the final amount that will be deducted from of each paycheck. Note the screen shot below for an example of what you might see. In this example, the Pay Cycle is “S” for Semimonthly and the Medical Plan indicates the Employee Share is $20.00 per week. A conversion factor is therefore applied to multiply the weekly amount times 52 weeks to determine the annual amount, then divide the annual amount by 24 paychecks to reach the correct semimonthly amount of $43.33 per check.

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