New Datatech software ‘Tool Tip’ for Human Resources Management

New Datatech software ‘Tool Tip’ for Human Resources Management

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FRESNO, Calif. – Datatech programming continues to improve our Human Resources Management software. It’s now easier to see the deduction calculations that the ag payroll software is making upon adding or editing a health benefit record for an employee. The new ‘Tool Tip’ feature pops up when a user clicks on the “Amount” box to the right of the “Employee Cost” field. 

We’re always seeking to make our client’s lives easier and this update in the Human Resources Management software will definitely do that. Once you’ve updated your software to version (or newer), you can make use of this new feature.

The Datatech Support Blog has a new article on this new feature. You can access it here.

As always, Datatech is seeking to simplify your life with our products and services. If you haven’t already, once you’re on the Datatech Grapevine blog page, make sure you follow the blog for the latest news and updates information for clients.

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