Datatech attends Emerging Leader employment expo at FCC

Datatech attends Emerging Leader employment expo at FCC

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FRESNO, Calif. – To be considered an emerging leader is a fine goal. And several Central Valley employers including Datatech will be looking for those candidates that seek employment to grow their career prospects. For Datatech, candidates interested in serving the agribusiness community in technology are being sought.

Datatech serves agribusiness across America

On Friday, April 21 at Fresno City College from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. meet and greet with Datatech’s President and founder Isaac Davidian and General Manager Beth Titterington at the Fresno Chamber sponsored “Emerging Leaders Employment Expo.”

General Manager, Beth Titterington says the company is looking to entertain resumes from candidates interested in technology and agribusiness, “We wanted to attend this event to meet candidates that have a fine work ethic and a passion for service, computer software and technology. Our business is focused on supporting the multi-billion dollar agriculture industry and the employment prospects are growing all the time.”

So get your resumes ready and come to FCC this Friday from 9 to 1 and be ready to impress.

Datatech and Datatech IT Solutions serves agribusiness across America with ag cost accounting, payroll and real-time inventory and sales software products for farmers, growers, labor contractors and produce packing, shipping and brokering operations.