New Ag Safety Certificate Program Slated

New Ag Safety Certificate Program Slated

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FRESNO, Calif. – Safety is job one for industry, in general, and that goes for agricultural settings as well. Datatech wanted to share a new ag safety certificate program that is ramping up for owners, safety and human resource managers, loss control and safety consultants and others responsible for agricultural production and business safety in the workplace. Many Datatech clients could benefit from this.

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The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America™(ASHCA) has announced the Agricultural Safety Health & Risk Management Certificate Program(AgSHARP™). The kick-off session for this certificate program will be held July 25th – 28th in Monterey, California. The 3½ day course is aimed at providing important knowledge and resources to help raise your skill level in agricultural safety management. AgSHARP™ will offer an educational setting that includes presentations from industry experts, interactive discussion, case studies and class exercises.

Through a special grant from the Center for Health Statistics, the July session of AgSHARP™ will be offered at a special discounted rate. Those registering by June 15th can take advantage of the early bird rate of $400. After June 15th, the rate will be $550. The regular rate of the program will be $800. Due to the interactive nature of the program, course size is limited.

Upon completion of the program, attendees will receive a certificate of course completion. If you’re interested in taking the next step in your personal and business development as a safety leader, you will want to register for AgSHARP™!

For more information, including the complete agenda, presenters and other important details go to

Registration information click here.

The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America™ is a not-for-profit organization established to pursue national strategies to create a less-hazardous work environment for American agriculture. Founded in 2007, their mission is to proactively address ongoing and emerging occupational safety and health issues affecting U.S. agriculture. Their website is ASHCA

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