Manage your bills and make payments on time.

  • Record and print checks individually
  • Enter invoices with due dates to automate batch printing of checks
  • Record electronic and credit card charges
  • Set up recurring transactions to post automatically

Checkbook Register

  • Record payments, deposits, electronic charges, and transfers all in one place. 
  • Quickly view your balances and edit posted transactions.
  • Enter and manage credit card charges.

Invoice Entry

  • Set up defaults on Vendor files (Terms, G.L Numbers, etc.) for quick and easy entry.
  • Handle discounts and scheduled payments.
  • Create automatic recurring invoices. 

Paying Invoices

  • Cash Requirements Report helps choose what invoices to pay by automatically printing checks from the due date you select. 
  • Options are available to select all due, past due, or all for a specific vendor.

Easy Bank Reconciliation

  • Quickly complete monthly bank reconciliation by importing transactions from on-line banking.
  • Shortcuts clear out ranges of check numbers.
  • Display option filters the list to a specific type of transaction to easily view and manually clear. 
Checkbook Register
Invoice Entry
Batch Payables Check Printing

Special Features For...

Acreage Split
  • Acreage Split option is available to split the transaction total among various cost centers by percentage of acreage. 
  • These can be “memorized” for future transaction splits.
Acreage Split
Chemical Inventory Posting
  • Keep track of chemical, fertilizer, and seed inventory.
  • Transactions posted through invoices and checks can automatically update purchase cost information to the pesticide module. When items are used, costs can be allocated to the crop cost centers by actual usage. 
Chemical Inventory Updated from Invoice
Grower Charges
  • Instead of messy spreadsheets to track advances and charges, checks and invoices track the grower, lot, and type of deduction.
  • These will be detailed on the grower statements and automatically deducted from the net due calculations.
A/P Invoice Charged to Grower
Produce, Freight, & Broker Fee Invoice Creation 
  • Automatic duplicate entry of sales and payables invoices. Information from the A/R invoice will flow to the payables module and create produce Invoices for buy/sell transactions. 
  • Freight information and Brokerage costs can be entered in the A/R order, so invoices can be posted through the A/R invoices or through an A/P report. 
Example of Creating a Payable Invoice

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