Do you need to...

Have quick access to vital employee information?

Stay up-to-date and compliant with employee health coverage?

Successfully report ACA information electronically to the IRS?

We know that you need to be as efficient as possible. The problem is most payroll and HR systems are not capable of handling the requirements of the Ag industry. Request a consultation to see how our HR software could improve efficiency in your business. 

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Are you compliant with state laws on retirement plans?

Datatech Software Now Supports retirement Plan Programs

Including CalSavers & OregonSaves

Did you know the law in CA went into effect September 30, 2020? Don’t wait to be fined, request a consultation for our Retirement module today.

How does it work

Add Human Resource Management to any Datatech Payroll Software Package

Work Smarter

Save time by only entering data once. With an integrated HR program, the payroll information you enter is used to add essential data to each employee account.

Access the Information You Need

Track important details right in each employee's account and print reports for specific details when needed.

Stay on Top of Health Benefit Records

The HR program will tell you when employee's qualify for Heath Insurance. Then, when coverage is accepted, you can send their electronic files to your insurance administration.

The Right Software Can Lighten Your Workload

Using software that does not fit your business wastes time and money. That is why Datatech will help you build a package that is tailored to meet your needs and budget.  

HR Health Insurance
Manage Insurance Coverage

Keep up with insurance plan records.

Easily add details to declined coverage, change insurance plans, and enter deduction information. 

The program will automatically update the Ending Date on coverage as consecutive months progress with the employee retaining insurance eligibility. This will be used in ACA reporting. 

Set up multiple insurance plan details.

Track which plans employees have been offered/accepted and transmit that information to your plan administrator. 

Default plans can be assigned for new records. 

Keep track of dependent information for historical and insurance purposes. 

Employee medical information can be recorded as well as an emergency contact list. 

Record and keep up with medical exam expiration dates. Filters can be added to search through specific dates, departments, positions, etc…

HR Track Employees
Track Employee Info

Maintain employee retirement plans within your HR program.

Set aside deductions, export employee census data, and import employee data from CalSavers & OregonSaves. 

Keep accurate records of injuries, insurance forms, and OSHA logs. 

You can also track injuries by crew and location.

Add and view meeting details.

Schedule new employees for required safety training and print a report to see all who are scheduled. 

Record incidents that cause warning to the employee and action taken. If a warning resulted in litigation, the original incident can be linked to the litigation entry. 

The Employee Complaints entry allows you to record all details and record when the matter is closed, allowing you to get a report of un-resolved complaints. 

If an employee complaints goes to litigation, all details of the case can be recorded and reported on. 

Record sessions with the employee, mediator, attorney, etc…for multiple incidents.

When litigation is resolved a discharge date can be entered, allowing you to report open/closed litigation issues. 

Track assets that are assigned to individual employees or in bulk to a crew or supervisor. 

Update driver’s license numbers and expiration dates. 

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Maintain ACA Compliance

Know whether or not your company is required to report to the IRS for ACA. 

This report will calculate the hours worked per month to determine if the employee is eligible for insurance.

Then it will automatically update the insurance benefit record with the default medical plan and eligible date. 

Stream-line the process of entering employee accepted/declined insurance information.

Create offers to the employee and electronic files to send to your insurance administrator

Collect all the data required to report forms 1094-C and 1095-C to the IRS. Available for both paper and electronic filing. 

ALE tracks hours of service for the same employee working in multiple companies. 

It will also report the ALE Group Members on the form 1094-C. 

Insurance Features
Datatech HRM Software Base HR HR with ACA
Medical Plan(s) Entry
Health Coverage Dates Automate Payroll Deductions
Create Enrollment File for Insurance Carrier
Track Employee ACA Category & Eligibility Rules
Insurance Eligibility Reports for Monthly & Lookback Rules
Automated Creation of Insurance Coverage Records/Enrollment
FLC - Insurance Status by Grower
Connect ALE Member Databases for Combined Eligibility
Employee 1095-C Forms
Federal 1094-C/1095-C Files & Electronic Reporting
Get your HR workload under control with Human Resource Management.

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Why Use Our HR Program?

Staying compliant can be a real chore and not keeping accurate records will result in serious fines. We know you want to be as efficient and effective as possible. In order to do that, you need the right tools to handle your HR workload.

The problem is most payroll systems are not capable of handling the requirements of the Ag industry.

We believe you should have the tools You need to successfully run your business.

That is why we have built an affordable Human Resource Management system that is capable of handling your specific needs. 

Human Resource Management is the process of managing employees. It is responsible for hiring, training, and rewarding employees while ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws.

Agricultural businesses, such as farms, labor contractors, and packing facilities, often have a large number of employees. In past years, HR departments were largely overlooked by the majority. But it is now becoming more and more vital for the overall success of a business. Issues with hiring and firing, discrimination, ACA health benefit laws, worker’s comp claims, etc… are just a few of the issues you are facing.

Find out how we can help you lighten your heavy HR workload by requesting a consultation today. 

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