Do you need to...

Save files in a secure place?

Quickly locate documents instead of digging through
file cabinets and piles of papers?

Reduce the paperwork in your office?

We know that most software systems are not capable of storing your important paperwork the way you need it. That is why we have created our Document Management module to use within your Datatech software. Request a consultation today and see how Document Management could help your business manage it’s paperwork.

How does it work

Add Document Management to any Datatech Software Package

Keep Documents Secure

Prevent sensitive information from being lost or accessed. We do this with automatic encryption and other security features.

Link Documents

Link documents to specific customer or vendor invoices and employee records.

Scan & Save Important Documents

Scan and save important documents for quick access. For example W4's, insurance enrollment, and other confidential documentation.

Why Use Document Management?

Staying compliant can be a real chore, and losing important paperwork could result in serious fines. We know you want to be as efficient and effective as possible. In order to do that, you need the right tools to store and manage important documents. 

The problem is most document management systems are too expensive and do not have the ability to integrate with your software. 

We believe you should have the tools You need to successfully run your business.

That is why we have built an affordable Document Management system that is exactly what you need. 

Every corner of the Ag industry faces its own unique challenges. You face many state/federal laws and regulations regarding payroll, employee safety, and reporting. 

Datatech delivers practical software solutions to the problems that face growers, labor contractors, shippers, brokers, packers, and Ag payroll services.

When you have software that works for your business, you will save time and money, reduce your stress, and thrive.

In over 25 states, our programmers continue to add new features to ensure your company’s overall growth and time management.

The people providing food to others should not be stuck, struggling to get their work done on the computer. We believe you should have the tools you need to run your business efficiently. 

Request a consultation and we will let you know how Datatech’s software can help your business.

Get your office workload under control with Document Management.

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Having Trouble Keeping Track of Your Documents?

Find out how document management can help.