Is your business...

Struggling to keep up with changing payroll laws?

Unable to keep accurate records?

Overwhelmed with your office workload?

With increasing laws and regulations on the Ag industry, people are wasting more and more time in the office. The problem is most software systems are not capable of handling the requirements of the Ag industry. Request a consultation to see how Datatech’s Ag Software will help your business handle the challenges you face.

The Farmer's Office ® Saves You Time

Get automatic calculations of rest & recovery, overtime, sick pay, and minimum/guaranteed wage rates.

Keep accurate records of profitability, income, and expenses by crop, variety, and field. 

Eliminate duplicate entry with an integrated HR app that shares data with payroll. Manage safety meetings, injuries, ACA/Insurance records, and more.

We know keeping up with ever changing regulations can be a challenge. That's why we have been helping farmers and farm managers gain control of their payroll and accounting for over 40 years.

What do people say?

The Right Software Can Lighten Your Workload

Using software that does not fit your business wastes time and money. That is why Datatech will help you build a package that is tailored to meet your needs and budget.  

Get the Software Farmers Need

Whether you want to increase profitability, get organized, save time, or have help staying compliant with ever changing regulations, Datatech’s software can help! 

1. Request a Free Consultation

Our team will walk you through a personalized demonstration of an Ag software package tailored to your needs and budget.

2. We Will Go to Work

We will work alongside you to ensure a smooth transition — including help with installation, imports, training, and ongoing support.

3. Watch Your Business Grow

With Datatech on your team, you’ll save time and money as your business grows — so you can spend your time doing what you love.

Do you have the information you need to make vital business decisions?

We believe you should have the tools You need to Thrive.

Get Payroll Designed For Ag

Save time processing payroll with a system designed for Ag wages.

  • Quickly enter payroll with shortcuts designed for crew based payroll
  • Get automatic calculations of rest & recovery, overtime, sick pay, and minimum/guaranteed wages 
  • Import payroll from field collection apps, export accounting transactions to QuickBooks, and upload Positive Pay/Direct Deposit to your bank

Simplify Your HR & ACA Tasks

Are you managing Human Resources in house?

  • Manage health insurance records, including automating employee eligibility, enrollment
  • Maintain Retirement plans, including CalSavers & OregonSaves.
  • Keep accurate records of injuries, insurance forms, and OSHA logs. You can track injuries by crew and location. Also track employee complaints, warnings, and litigation.

Additional Payroll Tools

Complete your payroll with the following add-on tools

  • Import payroll from a data collection system
  • Export Direct Deposit information to your bank
  • Process H2-A payroll
  • Export check information to your bank’s positive pay service 
  • Export payroll journal transactions to QuickBooks 

Track Crop Cost Accounting

Easily track and report on profitability by field, commodity, and crop year

  • All costs, including payroll overhead, equipment usage, and chemical applications can accurately be tracked by location (cost center) and type of work. 
  • Easily divide expenses between cost centers based on acreage percentages or predefined overhead allocations 
  • Use reports to analyze and compare income/expenses by crop year, budget, and acre or yield. Transactions can be exported to excel.

Pay Bills Accurately

Manage your bills and make payments on time

  • Split the transaction total among various cost centers by percentage of acreage
  • Quickly record online payments or print batches of checks
  • Transactions posted through invoices and checks can automatically update purchase cost information to the pesticide module and update inventory.

Create Financial Reports

Keep track of your money.

  • We will import your current Chart of Accounts and balances for a smooth transition 
  • Customize, print, and export financial reports
  • Easily search, sort, edit, and customize transaction lists

Invoice For Products Or Services

Stay up-to-date, record payments on invoices, and handle collections

  • Invoices can be credited to multi income GL accounts, cost centers, and jobs for accurate income detail on crop cost accounting reports
  • Easy-to-use invoice entry can be customized with the columns and pieces of data you need
  • Keep track of unpaid invoices and quickly update your bank balance

Bill For Farm Management Services

Automatically bill your customers 

  • Assign cost centers to customers, set up management fees, and add any other recurring charges for automated billing
  • Add-on charges for payroll, A/P, and chemical expenses can be set by customer
  • Set up client budgets that compare their budget to what you charged
  • Quickly export/import invoices between companies you manage in house

Track Fixed Assets Values

Track fixed asset values and post depreciation 

  • Each item can be assigned to a state and federal depreciation schedule. 
  • Depreciation reports can be run at anytime and you can choose to post the journal entries quarterly or annually 
  • Link assets to cost centers so that expenses posted for depreciation appear on your crop cost accounting reports
  • Assign assets (i.e. vehicles, phones, laptops) to employees through the HR module 

Track Harvest Records/Yields

Record your harvest yield and inspection information

  • Customize entry templates per commodity based on your harvest or delivery tickets. Options include entries for weights, varieties, containers, and more 
  • Entry templates also include up to eight customizable inspection entries
  • Access harvest reports at any time and export records to excel

Save Important Documents

Misplacing important paperwork?

  • Scan and save important documents for quick, easy access
  • Link documents to customer/vendor invoices and employee records
  • Prevent sensitive information from being lost or accessed with security features

Have A Support Team Behind You

Personalized training and support 

  • Get one-on-one training to help you get the most out of your software
  • Receive ongoing support from our experienced, bilingual team
  • Stay up-to-date with program enhancements that keep you compliant and improve efficiency