Save Time Processing Payroll with a System Designed for Ag Wages.

Automatically calculate rest & recovery, overtime, sick pay, and minimum/guaranteed wages. Payroll integrates with Farm Labor Contractor Billing and Crop Cost Accounting. 

Automatic Calculations

  • Automatic Minimum/Guaranteed wage adjustments created.
  • Rest & Recovery pay entries created with one click (according to the respective break time and rates).
  • Calculates and creates Overtime Premium entries and pro-rates among fields/crops and growers.
  • Automatically calculates rates for sick pay.
Daily Payroll Entry

After the gross wage information is entered, the program calculates all deductions and the net check amount. 

You can charge each line on the paycheck to different G.L. accounts, cost centers, jobs, or phases. Multiple piecework and hourly rates can be combined on the same check. 

If you are using the Equipment Costing feature, you may enter up to two equipment cost centers on each line to charge to the cost center. There is no limit to the number of lines you can enter on a check. 

Rest & Recovery (or Rest Breaks) can be created with just one click.

Customized pre-printed crew sheets and simple entry windows are available to enter time by crew.

Quick Entry

Several features are included to speed up check entry. When entering repetitive information, you are able to set default values for entries on the Batch Payroll Check window. You can also set up default pay rates, which are based on the jobs and cost center entries. 

There is also an option to copy check information from one employee to another, when employees are being paid for the same jobs.

Raisin growers that pay based on vine or tray counts in each row can use the row count feature to automatically enter the piecework units for pruning, tying, harvesting, rolling, turning, and boxing. 

Daily Payroll Entry is designed for entering payroll directly from daily crew sheets. You can repeat information automatically from line to line, eliminating repetitive entry. 

To speed up entry, default values can be entered automatically, as well as automatic pay rates based on the cost center and job performed. When all employees on a crew are paid the same number of hours / units, at the same rate, the Pay Crew option can copy a single line to every employee on that crew.

Printing Checks

When it is time to print checks, the Create Checks option is available to specify the pay period dates and leave any other entries in the file. This means it is possible to start entering time for the next pay period, even if you have not yet printed checks for the prior period. 

Checks can also be created according to the crew # or the operator who made the entries. Employees that work on different crews can have all of their time combined onto one check if desired. 

The program will calculate deductions for federal and state taxes automatically. It will also calculate deductions for insurance, garnishments, child support, benefits, and 401K’s. These deductions  can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the gross or net check amount. For loans or advances, you can also deduct portions of the amount until the balance of the loan is paid off.

Workers’ Comp Reports

Separate rates for workers’ compensation insurance can be set up for each crop. This allows you to maintain different rates for tree fruit, vines, row crops, etc. The Payroll Journal uses these rates to keep your current workers’ comp liability up-to-date. 

You can also print the Workers’ Comp Report, for any date range, to get a summary by crop of your workers’ comp expenses. This report will also provide a summary by Class Code.

Quarterly & Year End Processing

At the end of each payroll quarter, the program will print your Federal Form 941 (if you have non-Ag employees). 

Your Federal Forms 940, 941, 943, and W-2’s will be printed at the end of the year. W-2’s can be printed whenever you are ready. They do not have to be printed before starting your new year and they are saved permanently. 

Supported States

22 states are currently supported in our software. Additional states will be added as needed, including electronic quarterly and year end fillings. 

Print payroll checks alphabetically or by crew. Single checks can be printed if needed. After printing checks, the Check Sign-off Sheet can be printed. This gives you a sheet for employees to sign when they pick up their checks. 

A Check Voucher Report is also available if there is too much gross wage detail to fit on check stubs. 

All state and federal payroll tax forms are generated from the software. 

Sick Pay Tracking allows for multiple plans and methods.

Handles H-2A payroll, including minimum rates, tracking hours offered/worked, and accurate state/federal tax reporting.

Workers Comp is automatically tracked by the type of crop/work performed.

Integrates with third party software, including time clocks/field data collection software, exporting payroll checks to QuickBooks, and creating Positive Pay and Direct Deposit files to send to your bank. 

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