Updated through the one-time entry of info on payroll/vendor checks, deposits, and pesticide usage.

This takes place automatically when you enter a cost center and crop year for these transactions.


  • Print income and expense reports by crop year instead of calendar or fiscal year.
  • Analysis of income, expenses, and profitability for both per acre and per yield.
  • No need to archive or purge records. Reports may be printed at any point for any crop year, aiding historical and comparison reports.
  • Data files transfer over to the next year, or can be set up with new cost centers for a new crop year.

Record Information

  • Create expense categories with the Job/Activity/Phase/Operation codes.
  • Displayed on vendor check, invoice, and deposit entry; our Acreage Split feature easily divides expenses between cost centers based on acreage.
  • Keep accurate records on soil conditions, planting dates, temperatures, chemicals, and more in the Crop Notes feature.
  • Track different commodities each year when rotating crops.
  • Record expenses for crop reports without affecting the general ledger accounting balances with the Memo feature.

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