Enhance your program with additional tools for payroll.

Data Collection Import

Payroll can be imported from most third party data collection software systems. Click here for links to companies actively working with Datatech.

We work with with each customer to integrate coding of employees, jobs, locations, and pay types. This ensures seamless integration between the systems. Many of these files can also be exported/imported between systems, eliminating duplicate entries. 

These systems generate exports in CSV, TXT, or Excel format that is imported into Datatech’s Payroll Entry window. From there, entries can be edited and added to as needed to complete payroll. 

Direct Deposit

With our Direct Deposit module, you can enter up to two bank accounts for distributing employee earnings. This information can be exported in the standard NACHA format, as well as customized via Excel or CSV template. They are then uploaded to your bank (or third party) for fund disbursements. 


The H-2A payroll add-on allows you to identify specific employees as H-2A workers. The software will automatically verify piecework wages against the prevailing H-2A wage. It will also make additional wage adjustments to ensure employees have earned the prevailing wage. 

Each state tax rate file has settings for the taxability of each tax (SUI, Sate Income Tax) for H-2A wages. 

Check stubs can include the contract hours offered/worked, current week hours offered/worked as well as their US and home mailing addresses. 

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud detection service offered by most banks. Datatech can customize an Excel, csv, or txt file export to your banks requirements. This feature can be used for payroll and general/accounts payable bank accounts. 

QuickBooks Export

If you need an Ag Payroll solution, but want to keep QuickBooks for your accounting, add the QuickBooks Journal Transaction Export to your package. We have programmed the export format to QuickBooks IIF file specifications. This will eliminate duplicate entry and ensure your accounting is up-to-date.

Blank Check Stock Printing

If you are a payroll services or print checks for multiple entities, you can add blank check stock printing. We will provide the MICR fonts needed to print all banking information. You can add company logos and personalize each entities check format.