Are you having to keep track of information outside of your accounting software?

There are three main methods for grower accounting: date, lot, and pool based statements. All methods share several common features, including:

  • Automatically calculating deductions, including freight, pallet, commission, brokerage fees, and more.
  • Brokerage deductions can be subtracted from the gross sale price on grower reports. Or they can be deducted as a lump sum with other deductions.
  • Options are available for commissions to be calculated as a % of sales or a per package rate.
  • Other automatic deductions (i.e. selling/packing fees, assessments, etc.) can be set up based on the grower account and product codes.
  • Manual grower charges can also be entered separately. The program automatically charges the grower’s account and credits the appropriate G.L. account.
  • Grower Charge Reports print all grower deductions by date and grower. Also, they show deductions that have appeared on a final grower statement, ones that have not, and total season-to-date deductions.

Reports & Custom Options

  • Contact us for samples of grower reports, including statements and liquidations. 
  • We also design customized grower statements. If you have a style or layout you would like to use, contact us for more information on custom programming.

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