Keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate

Save time with real-time inventory that is customized to the products you sell.  We’ll help tailor a system to your operational needs. This may include receiving bulk inventory and creating packaged product, inventory by pallet, tracking PTI case labels, automatic update of material inventory and more! 

Product Codes

There are two types of product codes to choose from depending on your needs.

The first is a “flat file” product code which uses one code for each type of product you sell. This type uses only the left side of the window shown in the image.

The second is the “split entry” method, with separate selections for product, size, variety, and grade. This type uses the entire window shown in the image.

Inventory Receives

Track inventory by separate lot numbers for each truck load, multiple loads per field, or by field per day.

Loads that are “In-Transit” may be entered so the salesperson can sell against product that is to be packed or delivered the same day.

To track inventory for purchased product, you may also enter the cost at which the product was purchased. Additional freight, temp recording, and other costs can be added to the product cost.

When you sell product, these costs will appear on the Order and Invoice Entry windows as cost of goods. It is also the basis for automatically creating the payables invoice.

Sales inventory balances are updated immediately as you enter Receives and In-Transit loads.


Inventory Receives includes options to print reports by lot, receives entry, product code, day, and In-Transit as well as buy/sell analysis reports. 


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Product Code Entry
Inventory Receives Entry

Datatech’s Management Software is built around your business. A program that will keep your operation running smoothly by managing your day to day transactions. 

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