Are you having to keep track of information outside of your accounting software?

Sales Center

The Sales Center window is the ‘starting point’ for your salespeople. Here they can

  • Check inventory balances
  • Add new customers and orders
  • View customer account activity 
  • Run sales analysis reports
Options are available to limit what each operator can see.

Order Entry

From the Shipper Order Entry window, you can

  • Enter new orders
  • Revise and update existing orders
  • Check inventory balances and the status of customer accounts
  • Change the order status to indicate it has been shipped
  • Print Truck Load Sheets, Bills of Lading, and Notifications of Shipment


Options available to print reports for Open, Unshipped, Shipped, and Unbilled orders. 

You can also print Daily Sales reports by grower to keep your growers up-to-date on sales.

Sales Center
Shipper Order Entry