Need an effective inventory control system?

The Pallet Tag Inventory option helps to automate shipments, verify they are correct, and assigns grower/lot numbers to invoices.

Printing Tags

The Pallet Tag feature works with an industrial, high-speed printer designed for printing pallet tags. Partial shipments are recorded with ‘daughter’ peel off tags.

  • Bar codes print on pallet tags. Quickly scan and enter (when using a bar code scanner) which pallets were shipped with each order.
  • Print multiple pallet tags when receiving several pallets with the same grower/product/lot. Each tag is assigned a unique pallet tag number.
  • Customize a pallet tag format for your operation. Choose from one of our existing formats, duplicating your current pallet tag layout, or having us develop a new format for you.
  • Print tags on special thermal transfer label printers (DataMax recommended) or on standard Windows compatible laser printers.

Traceability & Reports

Second, you can use pallet tags to

  • Track the same product from different growers when it has been combined onto the same pallet. 
  • Reports to find all shipments related to the lot of one specific pallet tag assist with traceability issues.
  • Pallet tag reports show receives, shipments, and current inventory balances. All of these reports can be printed in grower, product code, or pool number order.
  • Age reports help keep older product from getting lost in your warehouse. 

Scanning & Updating

Finally, when an order ships

  • Verify entries are correct by scanning pallet tags from the order entry window. Scanned tags will provide the grower or lot numbers if they have not already been entered on the invoice line items. 
  • At any time, you can update the Pallet Inventory to your Sales Inventory with the commodities and quantities received.
  • Handles partially shipped pallets.
Pallet Tag Entry
Shipper Pallet Tag Scanning

Datatech’s Software is built around your business. It is a program that will keep your operation running smoothly by managing your day to day transactions. 

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