Pallet Tag Inventory

The Pallet Tag Inventory option provides an effective inventory control system, automating shipments and verifying that they have been correctly entered, and even automatically assigning growers and lot numbers to invoices once product has been shipped.

The Pallet Tag program usually works with a rugged, high-speed thermal transfer printer designed for printing pallet tags. Pallet tags may be either self-adhesive or stapled to pallets.  Tear off tags can be used for recording partial shipments.  Bar codes are printed on the pallet tags so that you can use a bar code scanner at the computer to quickly enter which pallets were shipped with each order.

Features of the Pallet Tag option include:

  • Multiple pallet tags can be printed when receiving field packed product.  Each tag has the same product/grower/lot, but is assigned a unique pallet tag number.
  • Enter and print pallet tags individually when packing product in your warehouse.
  • Pallet tag “splits” allow you to track the same product from different growers combined onto the same pallet.
  • Handles partially shipped pallets.  The system at all times maintains a balance for each partially shipped pallet.
  • Once an order is shipped, scan the bar codes on the pallet tags at the order entry window to verify entries are correct.  If grower numbers or lot numbers have not been entered on the invoice line items, this information will be supplied by the pallet tags that are scanned.
  • Print the Pallet Tag Shipment Register if you want a hard copy record of pallets that ship on each order.
  • Pallet tag reports can be printed to show receives, shipments, and current inventory balances. All of these reports can be printed in grower, product code, or pool number order.
  • Aged Pallet Tag Report helps to keep older product from getting lost in the warehouse.
  • You have the option to track room, rack and row location info by pallet to speed locating product in your warehouse.  The Aging/Location Report by Commodity helps you find the product you are looking for.
  • The pallet inventory system instantly updates the sales inventory balances with the commodities and quantities received.
  • Pallet tags assist in trace-ability issues, with reports available to find all shipments related to the lot of one specific pallet tag.
  • Keep track of which crews pick and pack product by pallet tag.
  • Pallet tag printing can be customized for your operation. You can use one of our existing formats, we can duplicate a current pallet tag layout that you are using right now, or we can develop a new format based on your requirements.
  • Print pallet tags on special thermal transfer label printers (e.g. Sato, Zebra, DataMax) or on standard laser printers.
  • In addition to package quantities, the weight can be entered for each pallet tag (e.g. for bins).
  • Track whether you have used regular or CHEP pallets through the pallet tag inventory system.
  • Use handheld scanners to perform physical counts.  Download the information to The Shipper’s Office and compare to pallet tag balances reports.

Sample Pallet Tags

Pallet tag forms vary according to each customers unique requirements.  Here is an example of one of the standard pallet tag formats included in The Broker’s Office.  We can of course customize the program for your own requirements.


Click here to download our pallet tag catalog with samples of each standard pallet tag built into The Shipper’s Office.


Do you need help selecting pallet tag stock or a thermal transfer printer model?  We can refer you to a company in Fresno that has assisted many of our customers with their pallet tag needs.