Stay up-to-date, record payments on invoices, handle collections, and issue PACA letters.

You have the ability to enter, track, and print invoices as well as enter any payments received.

Easy-to-use invoice entry can be customized with the columns and pieces of data you need.

Invoices can be printed as you go, or they can be saved and printed as a batch at any time.

Batches of invoices can automatically be saved as PDF’s and archived in client directories. 

Reports are customizable and can be exported to Excel.

An easy Deposit entry allows you to keep track of unpaid invoices and quickly update your bank balance. 

Special Features For...

Invoices can be credited to multi income GL accounts, cost centers, and jobs for accurate income detail on crop cost accounting reports. 

Farm Management Billing 

The Farm Management module allows for automated billing to customers for outside work. 

Invoices can be automatically created from labor invoices before or after checks are completed. Additional charges can be added through the Grower Charges entry or invoices can be modified after they are created. 

Unpaid Invoice reports and statements help you stay on top of getting paid by growers. 

When orders ship, they move to the AR Invoicing module to complete billing. Invoices can be automatically emailed when printing a batch.

Accounts Payable invoices can be created directly from the AR Invoice for freight and other charges associated to the order.

Loads that have product damaged or other issues can be tracked through a Trouble entry and automate credits back to the customer or resold loads.


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