The Broker’s Office – Fresh Produce Broker Software

The Broker’s Office is a complete accounting system designed to handle the unique requirements of fresh produce brokers, distributors, and wholesalers. Our program maintains a double entry bookkeeping system, but you don’t have to worry about debits and credits. All transactions generated from billing, produce purchases, deposits, payroll and vendor check entry automatically create the right debits and credits. In addition, data is entered just once, from which the software prints journals, financial reports, sales analysis reports, vendor and customer aging reports and payroll reports.

We’ve designed several excellent features to help make using The Broker’s Office easy to use:

  • Wizards guide you through processes with multiple steps, including the initial program setup, setting up new bank accounts and so on.
  • An on-screen help file that not only provides specific information about each window in the program, but also frequently asked questions sections, tutorials and general information about bookkeeping and accounting with specific examples of how entries should be made in the program.
  • A handy popup calendar makes date entries easier.
  • Reports can be previewed to the screen before printing and you can select any Windows font for reports and check printing. Quickly page through reports on-screen before printing, then print the entire report or a single page or series of pages. Reports can also be emailed or faxed if Windows is set up to do this.
  • Several windows use “context menus” that are activated by ‘right’ clicking the mouse button. This gives you all relevant options and eliminates guessing what keys to hit or buttons to click.
  • Selection lists are available so you can quickly find customers, product codes, vendors, growers, general ledger accounts, etc. On the lookup you can scroll through the list, search for an account by their number, name, or social security number and select an account to edit.

The standard package can be used by companies that arrange direct shipment loads from one or more shippers to your customers.  It allows you to track costs and profitability for produce and freight. The Sales Analysis report gives you accurate breakdowns of your sales, costs and profit for each load, customer, product and salesperson.

In addition to the buy/sell type of sale, brokerage confirmations can be entered to bill brokerage to the buyer or seller.

Distributors and wholesalers can add inventory options to track on hand product balances, purchases, receives and shipments.

“It’s so much easier for the sales department to see what they have and to plan out for the future. To see what we’re getting in today and to know that it was accurate. That was a huge difference right there.”

-Cindy Kramer, Farmex and Sundance Orchards

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